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Jumpstart your scrapbook page with a single A la carte that makes designing faster and easier than ever! Use Placemats 4 as an easy to follow guide, or use it as the strong foundation for customizing your own design with layers, embellishments, and alterations. This long tabbed template will make each page in your scrapbooks, journals, planners, and mini-albums more fun and simpler to create.

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Placemats make scrapbooking simple, and Placemats 4 is a fantastically simple start for any page, whether it’s in your scrapbook, planner, or journal. This placemat is a self-contained sketch that can be used on its own or as a jumping-off point for endless unique pages. 

Full of Potential:

You’ll love how simple yet inspiring it is to use each element of this placemat. 

  • 2 laser cut photo stencils to crop 4.5”x3” photos
  • Lines to keep your journaling straight or to add doodled texture
  • Laser cut speech bubble stencil
  • Fun zig-zag stencil for doodling
  • 2 different shapes of tabs

More than meets the Eye:

You don’t have to arrange your page like how the template is (even though it really is so cute and versatile when you play with paper and layering). Try rearranging the elements or using them in different ways, like:

  • Rotating the template. It works so well vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.
  • Mirror and layer the placemat. Since it’s only 6” wide, you can add multiple layers across a 12” page. 
  • Try adding more photos, fewer photos, or other embellishments in the photo spaces.
  • Use just the tabs! They’re fun to label a photo, add an extra pop of color, or to embellish your planner.
  • Doodle, even without using the rest of the Placemat. The speech bubble and zig-zag could add the fun accent you were looking for.
  • Use the Placemat as the base for a mini-album. 

The possibilities are endless, and that’s just when you use this one template! When you add other Designer Templates and embellishments to your Placemats 4, you’ll create more scrapbook pages while also having more fun!

Placemats 4 is a single Designer Template. Size Estimate: 6.03″x10.04″. There are also 2 photo cut-outs sized 4.5″x3″.

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