Placemats 3

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You’ll be sure to smile when you discover how fun and simple scrapbooking is with Placemats 3. Placemats really keep scrapbooking simple, not to mention fun and fulfilling with how quickly the page comes together. Placemats 3 is an all in one scrapbook sketch that you can use as the entire design, or you can use it as a jumping off point to create more unique and professional pages, gaining inspiration with each new page.

3 spaces for photos in different sizes that makes the cluster feel natural and keeps the focus on the photos.

    Additional Info

    1 Piece
    Size Estimates and Dimensions (Inches):
    10.24″ x 10″

$ 12.95

In stock

This item: Placemats 3

In stock

$ 12.95
$ 12.95

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