Then and Now Photo Tips and Ideas

Whether it’s Throwback Thursday or you’re just looking for a blast from the past, recreating old photos is a fun way to document the passage of time and create new memories. Play-to-Create (or Play-to-ReCreate) a beloved photo, and then design a layout with the photos side by side. Susan shares with you her Then and Now pictures that she was inspired to take from a layout she created with her girls from when they were little. 

Susan came across this layout of her girls when they were little, and she gathered her daughters together to recreate the adorable poses and create new memories in the process!

enchanted princess
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Photo Tips for taking Then and Now Pictures

Watch the video below as Susan shares with you a few tips to keep in mind. 

Play-to-Create Your Own Then and Now Photos

Are you ready to get started with your own Then and Now throwback? Here are those tips that Susan shared in the video to help you along the way.

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Tip 1: Set the Tone with Sepia or Black and White Photos

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When you’re looking at a photo, you might get distracted by the clothes your itty bitty children are wearing or the background of the photo. You don’t have to have everything the same when you’re Recreating. The most important thing is just having fun with the people involved.

  • When you’re recreating your photo, print the old photo out in black and white or in sepia so that the photo looks older and so that you’re focused on the people. 
  • The monochrome photos also make the side by side layouts that much more interesting! The contrast and balance between the colored and the sepia tones give you the feeling that you’re really looking back in time.

Tip 2: Lighting Makes All the Difference

When you’re taking photos, lighting can make or break your pictures. Be aware of your surroundings and where your light is coming from.

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  • Take a test photo to see how the light is falling across your loved ones’ faces. This will help you readjust before you get them all settled into their poses.
  • You want to take photos with the light so that your subjects are facing the light. This also makes sure to eliminate those photos where half their face is covered in shadow.

Tip 3: Looking for Location?

Then and Now Pocket Page IMG 8739 4
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It can be hard to recreate a photo with an intricate background. Keep it simple! Use what you have!

These photos were originally taken with the girls playing on Susan’s bed, and so it was easy to recreate them. In fact, some of Susan’s favorite photos use the headboard of her bed as a comfy and casual background.

Scrapbook your Laughs for Years to Come

Perfect for Pocket Pages

These side by side Then and Now photos perfectly fit in a pocket page protector. Instead of creating a whole layout on a single 12×12 sheet of paper, you slide the photos into the pockets, and dress up the arrangement by filling a pocket with journaling, title cards, or other pocket sized embellishments.

Susan created this one page layout to fit in a pocket page protector to spotlight the pictures from her Then and Now photo session.

Then and Now Pocket Page IMG 8738 5
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Time for your own blast from the past. Take those Then and Now photos, and create your own layout. We’d love to see how much fun you had. Snap a photo of your finished layout, and post it in the Community. It’s especially fun for your next Throwback Thursday post!

The views expressed in this video are the presenters own and do not necessarily represent those of Kiwi Lane Designs. 
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