Shiloh – Before & After Kiwi Lane

Before & After Kiwi Lane

When did you begin Scrapbooking?

I was 16 the first time I scrapbooked. I was with my Mom at a Creative Memories party that our friend was hosting. I helped my Mom with her layout there. I still vividly remember that moment and how much fun it was to help create a scrapbook page! After helping mom with a few layouts she was sweet enough to allow me to use my baby pictures to start my own scrapbook.

shiloh before and after 1
Shiloh - Before & After Kiwi Lane 16
What got you hooked?

I always enjoyed scrapbooking since the moment I first started but I was a bit sporadic as to when I would do it. What really got me hooked was when I became a mother and I had all these cute pictures of my Son. I really wanted to make sure that I was preserving his, and our family’s pictures and memories.

How did you feel about your very first Scrapbooking Layout?

At the time I thought it was amazing! I seriously loved every minute of making it. Now I look back and realize how much my style has changed. But at the same time I like to see the growth that I have achieved.

DSC 1212 2
Baby Shiloh with her Dad & Mom (Yes that’s Debbie holding Shiloh).
DSC 1208 3
 Baby Shiloh – 1st Scrapbooking Page.
Tell me a little about your “Before Kiwi” Scrapbooking style:

Before Kiwi I started like everyone else, lots of stickers and stamps with matted pictures on my page. I tried a few kit companies and even started a Kit Company with my Mom at one point. That is when I really started getting into patterned paper. At that time Basic Grey was one of my favorite paper companies because they did coordinating patterns. I was able to create simple layers with strips and circles and loved the way they turned out. That started my love of layering!

At that time in my scrapbooking I used more eyelets, distressing tools, idea books, machines and dies for lettering. Rub-ons were a big things for me at that time as well because I didn’t like using my handwriting on my pages…still don’t. I was always excited to try new tools and products. Problem is that I collected a lot without always using them!

Before Kiwi Lane:

Here are photographs of a few of my favorite Layouts before we created Kiwi Lane.

DSC 1151 4
Shiloh - Before & After Kiwi Lane 17
DSC 1168 5
Shiloh - Before & After Kiwi Lane 18
Screen Shot 2018 01 03 at 9.22.31 PM 6
Shiloh - Before & After Kiwi Lane 19
DSC 1154 7
Shiloh - Before & After Kiwi Lane 20
How would of having the Designer Templates when you first started made scrapbooking easier for you?

Well, as my friends and family could testify. I was a terribly slow scrapbooker when it came to settling on a design idea! I spent so much time looking for ideas and sketching things out on paper before starting, that I was not very productive.

One of the most valuable things the Designer Templates do for you is that they help inspire ideas for your pages. They also allow you to see what the layout will look like before cutting and allows you to make sure there is room for everything you want to add to your page. Takes all the scary parts out of scrapbooking and just allows you to have fun.

If I had started scrapbooking with the Play to Create system I don’t think I would have wasted so much money on things that I would never use. I had an incredibly large stash of things that I never used or only partially used that I wasted much of what I bought. Now, I only buy the things that I need which isn’t much, paper, letters, buttons…that sort of thing. It makes me feel better to be using the stuff that I buy and not just buying because it is cute or exciting. I am just not tempted the same way I was before.

A few other things that I love about how I scrapbook now, I love being able to journal on my page using my computer and Designer Templates. For those like me who hate their handwriting or want to get a lot of words into a small space the Designer Templates are a HUGE help! I love how I can use patterned paper to create such beautiful layers that still allow my pictures to stand out on my page. I love, LOVE how much faster I am now at scrapbooking! I still have much to do to get caught up on the many pictures I take but I sure am having fun doing it!

Because of Kiwi Lane:

Here are photographs of a few of my Favorite Kiwi Lane Scrapbooking Layouts.

DSC 1184 8
Shiloh - Before & After Kiwi Lane 21
Screen Shot 2018 01 03 at 9.23.01 PM 9
Shiloh - Before & After Kiwi Lane 22
DSC 1196 10
Shiloh - Before & After Kiwi Lane 23
DSC 1201 11
Shiloh - Before & After Kiwi Lane 24

I hope that you enjoyed reading and seeing a little bit about my Scrapbooking Style and how it’s changed over the years and for the better because of our Play To Create System.

shiloh 12
Shiloh 13

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Do you want to experience your own transformation of what your scrapbooking layouts can become before and after? We invite you to watch this demo to discover how the Kiwi way of scrapbooking can help make your scrapbooking experience blissfully simple and delightful. 

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