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Fidget with Widget! These 7 templates are fun and versatile, whether you’re working on a school project,  documenting the men in your life, or want to add a playful vibe to your design. Layer them together, or use a single piece for a fun element or pop of color on your scrapbooking pages. 

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As you’re fidgeting with your scrapbook page, playing with each piece to find where each element fits, add a Widget! These 7 Widget templates together are enough to make your scrapbooking page designs feel like a well oiled machine, and when you combine them with other sets in your collection, they’re just just the piece to finish your creation. 

The designs in Widget are playful yet versatile. Perfect for your boys at play, your men at work, plus all your scientists, scholars, and explorers. They’re just the masculine shapes you’ve been asking for, but of course, the papers and patterns that you use can completely change the vibe for gender neutral occasions. 

The templates in this set can be used for a specific theme, like school projects or science fairs, but each piece is also fun for a splash of color!

There really is a variety in this Designer Template set! 

The Widget set includes 7 templates with size estimates (inches):

  1. Star (1.8″ x 1.8″)
  2. Pronged Circle (2″ x 2″)
  3. Atom (2.7″ x 2.7″)
  4. Gear (3.6″ x 3.6″)
  5. Arrow (6.3″ x 2″)
  6. Tag (1.9″ x 8″)
  7. File Folder (6.13″ x 4.7″)
Here are just a few ways you can create with this set!
Widget #1: Star

Stars fit into all kinds of scrapbook pages with numerous themes. 

  • This little star will add sparkle to any layout of your own precious stars. 
  • Plus, you’ll be able to create different kinds of stars with this single template: 2 different sizes of stars and an outline of the star. 
  • With Widget #1, you’ll love creating clusters of stars to adorn your pages, whether you’re accenting nights full of counting stars or celebrating the stars in your life. 
Widget #2: Pronged Circle

This Widget is all about versatility and adding details. This 8 pronged circle shape can be a simple fun addition to your layouts, or it can be just the detail you need for: 

  • Suns
  • Wheel spokes
  • The centers of gears
  • Anywhere else you need a spark
Widget #3: Atom

This atom is the perfect addition to scrapbook pages of school pictures and science fair projects. 

  • With the stenciling spaces, you’ll be able to adjust this into any atomic element you wish! 
  • It’s fun to simply use the entire shape or to doodle in the details.
  • It’s just the touch for a science project, but you can also use the main shape for a six petaled flower. 
Widget #4: Gear

Whether you’re creating a gear, tire, or just a fun shape, this template is a fun addition to all kinds of scrapbooking themes. 

  • This is a good addition to your masculine layouts, working on the car, or a robotics club competition.
  • Combine with Widget #2 in the center, and you’ve got fun multidimensional and layered shapes. 
Widget #5: Arrow

Arrows are a useful way to draw the eye and to create a focus on your scrapbook pages. 

  • This curved arrow gives an industrial vibe.
  • Run it along the edge of a photo or spin it in any direction. 
  • This pipe-like arrow will be a great addition to complete any project. 
Widget #6: Tag

This tag is so fun and versatile! Plus you can put it in any direction you want.

  • Layer it along your borders or tuck it behind a photo.
  • It can be the focus with a title or the background for clusters of your other templates. 
  • It can even be lengthened or shortened to fit your needs!
Widget #7: File Folder

File folders fit in for all sorts of school and work themes, but they’re also so cute for day to day occasions.

  • This file folder can be tucked behind a photo for an added matted layer or a frame. 
  • It also creates the perfect space for a title or journaling. 
  • Or you can just use the tab on the side to add more layers and details!

Pair Together for a Play Date! The variety of shapes and sizes in this accessory set make layering and clustering so much fun. They play well on their own, but they also play well with other sets like Adventure, Gadgets, Rings, and School!

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