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Find everything you need to Play-to-Create many scrapbook pages with this one kit! The designs included will complement any of your memories where a touch of nature will make them shine! These 10 pieces include all the Designer Templates you need to design an entire page, from a pair of borders to various sizes of the other natural elements, such as flowers, leaves, and a butterfly that will allow you to easily layer and play with new combinations layout after layout. The inspiration you seek to complete new scrapbooking pages is found all in this one kit!

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Take a walk through nature as you Play-to-Create countless pages, all using just this one kit! Nature Walk is an all-in-one scrapbooking kit to bring the warmth and life of your memories to all your scrapbook pages. You really only need this one kit because it has all the pieces you’ll need to design the layout of your pages, starting with the framing borders and adding layers and clusters of lively templates. 

10 Versatile Designer Templates

The 10 templates in Nature Walk come in a variety of sizes that make layering easy and fun, while also making the process faster and more satisfying than ever!naturewalk shopimages 6 18

  • Start with a border! Just as how you would begin playing by framing your page, start with Nature Walk #9 and #10. 
    • This pair of borders help you to make the most out of your paper. 
    • Plus, the design fits all kinds of themes with the soft curves and the interesting point on one side.
    • These 12” borders also have markings that make it easy to trim your paper borders to fit your project needs. The markings are at the 7”, 8”, 8.5”, 9”, and 11” measurements. 
  • Layer with curves. Nature Walk #8 is a curvy bracket that is as versatile as your imagination.
    • It’s a foundational shape that you can use to cluster other elements on, whether it’s a photo or other Designer Templates.
    • Add words! This design is also a perfect space for a title or journaling about all your special moments. 
    • Creates easy layers. This bracket is a good shape to incorporate more of your favorite paper patterns into your layout, whether it’s just for a pop of color or another layer peeking out from behind one of the borders.  naturewalk shopimages 13 19
  • Stop to smell the flowers. There are 2 different floral shapes that you will love to admire and arrange across your creation. 
    • Nature Walk #2 is a small 4-petaled flower that’s a cute addition to any flower bed or cluster of templates. It would even be an adorable four leaf clover if you add a little stem.
    • Nature Walk #7 has 5 petals, and these petals have a heart look to them. You could cut out hearts to layer on top of each petal for a more romantic look. 
    • These two templates are designed to layer together or to use on their own.
  • Greenery. Nature isn’t complete without something green, and leaves are the perfect symbol of nature. 
    • Nature Walk #1 is a small leaf with a textured edge which also gives a pop of color to layer with your flowers. 
    • Nature Walk #3 is long and smooth so that your flower stems can stand a little taller and has a few guidelines printed on the template for a reference to doodle your own if you would like. 
    • Mix them together to build interest and layers to your clusters.
  • Stick it in a vase. Nature Walk # 6 is a vase for all your flower arrangements and potted plants. 
    • The guidelines printed on the vase are there for you to use a reference to doodle your own edges if you would like. 
    • Add your title to the vase design! This vase is large enough for your titles and sentimental phrases.
    • It’s such a cute shape that you can stick anything in this pot. Try creating pens and crayons to put in the vase for a school scrapbooking page. Paint brushes work well for a more crafty theme. And of course, you can include it with other pots, mugs, and mason jars for memories in the kitchen.naturewalk shopimages 7 20
  • Butterflies in the sky! Nature isn’t nature without precious living things like butterflies flitting all around. Nature Walk #5 is a small, versatile butterfly that adds a casual or formal look wherever she lands.On her own, this butterfly is a cute addition anywhere in your design, especially corners of photos.
    • The butterfly also layers well, so you can place her in a cluster, or you can have her land on any of the flower petals.
    • Try creating a flock of butterflies flying across your scrapbooking page. 
  • Topped with a ribbon. Complete the look and add finishing details with Nature Walk #4.
    • This flowing banner has a single tail, so you’ll love layering it with the other templates in this kit.
    • It adds movement to your page, especially when you layer it across a straight edge or the border of a photo. 
    • You’ll also find that it’s the perfect space for a simple title, an important date, or any other detail that you want to journal.


Perfect Pair: You only need this one kit for an entire scrapbook page, but you can take a longer Nature Walk when you incorporate other Designer Templates to enhance your layouts. Try adding in these templates: 

  • Blossom: Can you ever have too many flowers?
  • Love at Home: What else completes those family photos?
  • Lacey Trims: Frilly and lacey foundational layers to help complete the look.

Nature Walk is a Scrapbooking Kit with 10 Designer Templates. Size Estimates (inches):

  1. Small Leaf (1.76”x1.1”)
  2. Small Flower (2.1”x2.1”)
  3. Long Leaf (3.5”x0.9”)
  4. Banner (4.4”x1.3”)
  5. Butterfly (2.1”x2”)
  6. Vase (2.6”x2.8”)
  7. Larger Flower (3.3”x3.2”)
  8. Curvy Bracket (5”x3.3”)
  9. Border (12”x3.5”)
  10. Border (12”x3.3”)


No matter where your Nature Walk takes you, these templates will help you remember every step of the journey. Plus, as you have already seen, each piece is incredibly versatile. How you arrange your designer templates on the paper and the paper you use completely changes the look of each scrapbook page. Make it bright and happy. Dress it up for a more feminine feel. And that’s just when you’re using this one scrapbooking kit.

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6 reviews for Nature Walk

  1. Regina Gannaway (verified owner)

    This was a set that was just right for my style. The 12″ borders are my favorite and this one is beautiful. In addition, the flower blossoms were great and made a great embellishment for my first layout using this set. I’m looking forward to getting a lot of mileage out of this set.

  2. Kathy Burgin (verified owner)

    This is a nice, well rounded kit that can be used on a wide variety of layouts I love when the kits include borders.

  3. Amy Reser (verified owner)

    Very versatile kit. The pot makes a nice focal point even if you don’t want to put flowers in it. It’s a good size for journaling as well.

  4. Amos (verified owner)

    I like how the set complements each other and most of what you need to do a layout is right there. I do agree with the other two ladies about the border it’s easy to use and not alot of little details to cut around.

  5. Jami Goldstein (verified owner)

    I like when there is actual border templates in these those are most useful it’s feels like the original kiwi we all started with that drew me in!

  6. Suzanne Masters (verified owner)

    I think this is the best set in awhile. More like the templates that Kiwi Lane was known for without all the fussy details that have been in the ones lately. Will use this one a lot

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