Lacey Trims

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Add lace trimmings to your scrapbook page with this Lacey Trims set! These decorative rings are perfect for adding movement and texture to any project, whether you’re designing a feminine page or a playful one!

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Add playful and frilly trims to your scrapbook pages with Lacey Trims. This set of 3 Designer Templates add movement and texture to all your projects, no matter the theme. 

Each of the rings is a different size and has a different design along the perimeter so that you can layer them together or use them on their own. 

  1. The smallest of the three Lacey Trims has a delicate wavy design on the outside. This is a nice low profile shape for layering with a busy paper pattern or adding something extra to your page.
  2. Lacey Trims 2 has a fun bubbly scalloped edge. Just imagine what you can do with this Designer Template! Flowers, doilies, or even just a foundational layer to put behind your memories.
  3. If you’re looking for sunshine, look no further. This trim’s edge is all points that you’ll love incorporating into your playful and outdoorsy scrapbook pages. 

Frame or Foundation: Plus, each Lacey Trim also has a circle cut out on the inside to give you more design options. Cut out the center circle to use them as frames for pictures or decorative rings, or leave them solid for background layers to create movement and draw your eye across the page. 

You can combine any or all three of these lacey rings with any other Designer Template to create countless looks and scrapbook pages. And each one will be as charming as the last. 

Perfect Pair: Do you love Lacey Trims, but you’re not sure which Designer Templates might work best to add to your scrapbook page? They all look great together! But to get you started, why not try:

  • Rings 2.0: Bigger and better than ever! 6 nesting sizes of rings so that you can add more circles to your pages!
  • Springtime: 6 lovely templates that will bring any page to life. Flowers, a bird, and a butterfly are ready to help your memories soar. 
  • Aspen Court: Frame your scrapbook pages with these gently rolling borders. Use one on its own, or layer them together for more depth to your pages.

Lacey Trims is a set of 3 Designer Templates with size estimates (inches):

  1. (5.5” Diameter)
  2. (8” Diameter)
  3. (8” Diameter)

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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 0.1 in


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