Kiwi Sponge Daubers

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The same daubers you know and love, now in Kiwi Green. It’s a fun way to Kiwify your crafting tools. The Kiwi Sponge Daubers are 3 small sponge daubers for adding ink to the edges of your paper for a nice finished look. They’re a revolutionary tool for creating a professional scrapbooking style. While we love cutting out the shapes we get from the designer templates on all sorts of paper, the edges of the patterns get lost and blend in with the other papers we layer with. When we outline the edges in ink, each element stands out among all the layering. The project isn’t finished until it has been inked.

    Additional Info

    3 Pieces
    Size Estimates and Dimensions (Inches):
    1″ x 0.5″

$ 4.50

In stock

This item: Kiwi Sponge Daubers

In stock

$ 4.50
$ 4.50

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