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This adorable set of Flamazing Designers Templates has all the shapes you need to create tropical scrapbook layouts, cards, and other crafts.


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These templates are simply Flamazing! When you want to add a tropical vibe to your layouts, whether they’re island vacations or poolside luaus, these five templates will make every creation feel Flamazing. 

The Flamazing Set includes 5 Designer Templates for your tropical layouts. 

  • Templates 1 and 5 are leaves and greenery for all your jungle adventures. 
    • Flamazing #5 is a huge leaf that is perfect for layering and adding shade for your sunny adventures. It can really set the entire mood of a layout.
    • Flamazing #1 is a branch with leaves that is the perfect perch for the toucan that comes with this set.
  • Birds of a feather flock together with templates 2, 3, and 4. 
    • Flamazing #2 is a friendly toucan that sits perfectly on Flamazing #1, but he’ll also sit anywhere you need him to, including the corner of photos and journaling or high up in a palm tree.
    • Flamazing #3 is the proud flamingo. But you might be wondering where their legs are. You’ll find them in Flamazing #4.
    • The doodle sheet really brings all the details together. You’ll find the legs for the flamingo as well as feather details for the toucan. But that’s not all. Flying seagulls, all the makings of a palm tree, and fun little floral details are also found on this doodle sheet.

Versatile Doodle Sheet!

Flamazing #4 isn’t just for adding details to the other Flamazing templates. It’s also useful to dress up other Designer Templates in your collection.

  • When you combine the doodle sheet with My Oasis, you suddenly have a full and detailed palm tree that truly completes your island paradise. You can add extra palm leaves and coconuts, not to mention doodled texture to the trunk.
  • There are also tropical flower center details to make the exotic flowers you find in Tiny Seaside and Paradise absolutely bloom. 

The Flamazing template set includes 5 templates. Size Estimates (inches):

  1. Leafy Branch (4.3”x2.7”)
  2. Toucan (1.7”x2.9”)
  3. Flamingo (2.1”x2.4”)
  4. Doodle Sheet (4”x4”)
  5. Large Leaf (5.2”x5.5”)

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