Everyday Adventures Digital Sketch Book

$ 10.00

You’ve gone on your adventure, now is the time to scrapbook your memories! Take the first step in your scrapbook adventure by opening up the Everyday Adventures Digital Sketchbook. You’ll be inspired to Play-to-Create numberless pages based on these sketches that effortlessly incorporate the Everyday Adventures Kit. 



You’ve had so many everyday adventures, so now it’s time to scrapbook these memories! This Everyday Adventures Digital Sketch book contains 5 sketches all using the Everyday Adventures Kit.  

These sketches are perfect for the photos of all your adventures, whether they’re playtime with your boys, 


If you already own the Everyday Adventures Kit, these sketches are only the beginning of what you can do with this set. You’ll discover countless layout designs once you place the templates on your page and move them around. 


Once you’ve purchased this useful and enlightening sketch book, download the digital PDF to your computer, phone, or any electronic device so that you can have this seed of inspiration at your fingertips, no matter where you’re going to Play-to-Create. 


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