Aspen Court

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Aspen Court manages to be simple and energetic at the same time. Making this set great for travel, back-to-school, outdoor, and boy pages you create. It’s even more fun to layer your borders, especially with Funky Frills, which are made specifically to work with Aspen Court 3A and 3B.

    Additional Info

    6 Pieces
    Size Estimates and Dimensions (Inches):
    #1A: (3.5” x 12”) #1B: (3.5” x 12”) #2A: (2.75” x 12”) #2B: (2” x 12”) #3A: (2.5” x 12”) #3B: (2.5” x 12”)

$ 22.95

In stock

This item: Aspen Court

In stock

$ 22.95
$ 22.95

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