Snap Frames

What is a Snap Frame?
These Creative Frames allow you to play-to-create one of your own! Create adorable decor for your home that has a distinctive, handmade charm using our line of DIY Crafts. 

Play to Create your own unique home decor with the combinable frame kits. Pick a snap frame, design mat, snap back, and design kit to create a complete project that you can play with to create decor that is just your style.

Select Your Frame

Snap Frames are the base of your decorative frame, ready for you to create your own home decor in a snap. These magnetic frames make it easy to snap new insert designs, layer, and change up, giving you a variety of ways to use these home decor frames all year long and interchange when you have an itch to do so.

You can paint, stain, or wash your frame.

Select Your Design Mat

Bracket Design Mat
Window Design Mat

These Design Mats are created to fit right in our 10×12 Snap Frames. They act like matting a framed photograph or like our Border Designer Templates; adding dimension. This Window Design Mat lets your creativity peek through.

Select Your Snap Back

Shiplap Snap Back
Herringbone Snap Back

Add one of these textured Snap Backs to your Snap Frame to give depth and variation to your customizable home deor. These backs that snap into place with convenient magnets are double sided to give you more possibilities! One side for an everyday look and the reverse for your favorite holiday! Both sides for consecutive holidays! Creativity to play at your fingertips!

Changing your design is just a snap with the convenient magnets that match up to our Snap Frames.

Select Your Design Kit

Simple Things Design Kit
Hello Design Kit
fall autumn snap frame design kit shop image
Fall Design Kit
Rejoice Design Kit Shop Image
Rejoice Design Kit

Play to Create your own Snap Frame project using our Design Kits that include paper, wood pieces, and other embellishments.

Recommended Supplies

With so many options, every Snap Frame is unique!

Grab some Friends and Play to Create