Using Warm Wishes Card Making Bundle on Layouts

Using Warm Wishes Card Making Bundle on Layouts

The cards you make with the Warm Wishes Holiday Card Making Bundle will spread joy to your friends and family this holiday season. The three A La Cartes that come with it will warm your hearts and layouts year round.

I normally keep each event to a 2-page layout. But a couple of years ago, I did a big mini session photo shoot. It was so much fun! But it was especially fun to take the kids’ pictures! So, I did a handful of layouts of the one event.

I grabbed 3 Moments Full of Cheer Layout Kits and mixed and matched to my heart’s content. Because I had multiple layout kits I had a lot of fun combining two single pages to create new background pages. Plus, pocket pages are the perfect way to use scraps!

Frosty is a perfect canvas for a multitude of snowmen! You can keep it simple, or dress him up with a scarf, carrot nose, and 2 eyes made out of coal! My favorite part of Frosty’s scarf was the fringe on the end: it’s the little details!

The good tidings banner is a perfect in-between size to what’s currently available. It’s bigger than Tiny Notations and smaller than the Enchanted banner. The Cozy Heart fits perfect in the middle!

For the cozy mug, there is a line indicating where you can draw or highlight the “top/inside” of the mug. You’ve seen this before on some of the banners. Often, we just draw it with a pencil. On this mug, I used glitter glue to make it look full of cheer.

The inside of the cozy mug is a stencil heart. This is one I know I’ll use on half of my layouts. It’s so cute! It’s real simple to just add to the middle of the Pickup a la carte as I did in the layout below.

And did you catch how well the deer a la carte becomes Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with a simple red dot!

You may remember this layout using the same paper and photo session images. Check it out here. Pocket scrapbooking really is the best! I started this series last year, but only got the one page done. This year, I finished up the rest. I’m glad I waited so I could use these great new templates!

Designer Template Sets Used: Madison Avenue (2A,3B) Wildside (1A,1B,2A,2B) Tiny Strips (1/2″) Tags (7) Tiny Bracket (4T) Tiny Explore (6T) Tiny Notations (3T,8T) Tiny Charmed (2T,8T) Tiny Holiday (1T,6T) Tiny Traditions (3T)

Paper Used: Moments Full Of Cheer Layout Kit by Kiwi Lane

I hope my layouts inspired you to use your Warm Wishes Card Bundle for more than just cards! Oh and don’t forget to grab a couple Moments Full Of Cheer Layout Kits while they are still around. The two work so well together and with Christmas right around the corner make sure to grab yours quick!

Amy Jussel
Amy Jussel