Using Vellum and Glitter on Winter Layouts

Warped Vellum

gail_owensHello Hello!!

Happy January! I’m sure you’ve made (and possibly broken) your resolutions by now, but did you make one that had to do with getting your scrapbooks done? Well, hopefully I can help inspire you today and get you on your way to meeting your goals! 

First of all, I used some of January’s featured templates on my layout, plus a few extras. And the paper line I used was called “Snow Fun” by Pebbles, Inc. and I’m pretty sure it was released circa 2008/2009. Yes, I know. I’m a paper hoarder. Admitting it is the first step… to the craft store to get some more paper. Haha!



Anyway… Here’s what my layout looked like when I started framing using my Kiwi Lane templates:Framing Winter Layout

I know you can’t really see the framing. It’s what happens when you are trying to take a photo of framing on a white background after midnight under fluorescent lighting. You get the idea, though. And, of course, the original framing is not exactly what I ended up with. I added a few more templates, plus some punched snowflakes.

 Finished Layout

Here’s what the finished product looks like:A Bit Chilly - Winter Layout

Templates Used:

Mini Aspen (1B,3A)

Winter (1,2)

Sweetheart (4)

Tags (1)

Tiny Holiday (3T)

If you haven’t figured this out yet, I love, LoVe, LOVE using vellum and glitter on winter layouts! They add layers and texture without a lot of bulk, an they mimic the look of ice and snow. So what happens when you combine the two? You get a little bit of warping. Not great, but not horrible either. In fact, it adds another layer of texture to your layout. If you look at the finished layout, you’ll notice that the vellum ice crystal shape is outlined with glitter glue and it’s warped it so it curls off the page a little bit. It will get pressed down when put in a page protector, so not a big deal. My punched vellum snowflakes didn’t fare so well when I added some glitter glue- they warped a LOT!! I put the glitter on them and went to bed. I awoke to this:

Warped Vellum

Craft Iron to the Rescue

Warped and curled and not willing to flatten out at all!! So what do you do when you need to flatten your crafting project quickly? You grab your super small crafting iron, of course! I put the snowflakes between the folds of a kitchen towel and ironed (crossing my fingers because I hadn’t actually ever ironed vellum before and I didn’t know if it’d work). And it worked!! Here’s a before and after:Ironing Warped Vellum

And just because I know you’re going to ask, here’s the super cute little crafting iron I used:Crafting Iron

It’s the size of your palm, plugs into the wall, only does dry heat and doesn’t have holes on the face of the iron. It’s a great little tool!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my layout. Hopefully you are now on your way to meeting your scrapbooking goals!

-Gail Owens

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