Using The Dance A La Carte on Your Next Layout

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Dancing With The Stars

The Dance A la Carte is for anyone who has a little- or big- dancer in their lives! Whether it be dancing in the living room or dancing on a stage, memories like these need to be recorded! For more ideas on how to use the Dance A la Carte, check out this post (Free Printable Included)! 

A Closer Look:

The Dance A la Carte ended up being perfect for this ballerina layout! The shape of this little dancer Designer Template gave a fun bookend effect to her row of pictures. Don’t forget to dress your ballerina up! Brandy used the Bonny 3T template from the November 2019 Kiwi Club Kit as a skirt for her dancer. Last but not least, the Rings Accessory set gave a fun curve to her journaling.

The Rings accessory set also gave a fun bubble effect on Brandy’s page, allowing for distinct lines and highlighting the dancing shoes on her layout, showing off her beautiful ballerinas!

To pop up her title, Brandy used the banner from the Tiny Notations Accessory set. This helped separate the words in the title as well as the arrow. Speaking of arrows, Brandy purposefully pointed her arrow to her ballerina shows to highlight the theme of the layout. For more thoughts on how to use your arrows, check out this post for some template tips.

Before And After

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It’s always a joy to watch your performers show off their stuff, and now, with the Dance A la Carte you can capture those precious fleeting moments. They are a wonderful accent for all the behind-the-scenes you have of your dancer getting ready and lacing up. 

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