Using Card Borders to Create a 6×6 Page

Amy Jussel

For Christmas, I gave my mother in law a 6×6 album of my kids. She loved it so much, I think I’m going to continue to give her new pages every holiday, which she can add to her album! The best part about 6×6 pages is they are so quick to put together!

To prepare for this particular project, I printed a lot of 2 inch photos (2×2 and 2×4) and a few 3×4 inch photos to fill the tiny pages.

Fussy Cutting

I love fussy cutting the images on paper like this one. I find it very calming to work with my hands. Sometimes, when I’m really tired and don’t have the brainpower to create an entire layout, I will cut out pieces like this and save them in a bag so that when I am creating my layout I can see where they will fit best in relation to my templates. Cutting out these adorable graphics and inking the edges creates depth that you wouldn’t get by just using the paper as it was printed.


We have two sets of borders that are small enough to be used on a 6×6 layout: our 8 inch Mini Borders and 5.5 inch Card Borders. Either of these can be manipulated to work for 6 inch albums. I like using the smaller Card Borders (5.5 in). This works especially well when designing from 12×12 paper.

To do this, I first lined up the borders end to end, as if they were one 11 inch border piece. Once you’ve traced and cut out this border piece, you can simply mark and cut 6 inches from one edge with a paper trimmer, leaving you one 6 inch piece and one 5 inch piece.

There are several ways that you can fill the 1 inch gap that you will have leftover between the border and the edge of the page, but I chose to simply add a tag on the left side to cover the space there.tags

You may be asking, why not just use 12 inch borders? The answer is that because these smaller borders are scaled for a smaller canvas, the peaks and waves will play better on a 6×6 stage. The tiny accessories are also perfectly sized for 6×6 pages.

I wanted to make sure that there was something separating the pattern on the strip in the middle of my page and the background paper. I did this by adding the small scallop from the Adorn Card Border Set, which had the added benefit of adding color and creating some motion on the bottom to balance out the borders on the top. The scallops were easy to match up to extend along the entire 12 inches.


I wanted to quickly highlight the Tiny Notations set. It is a perfect way to add text or just a colorful accent on a tiny page. When my page was all done I realized that the top left of the right-hand page was a little bare, so I added Tiny Notations 2T. These adorable little banners are designed with a guide-line to show you where you can draw a line to create a 3D effect with this embellishment. As a twist, I lightly drew my line with a pencil as a guide, and then used my sponge dauber to add some ink the the curl, creating a fun shadowed area. I think it turned out great! 

Here’s the entire layout in templates as I designed it using the Play-To-Create System. As you can see I used my 4×6 Photo Templates to visualize that large strip of paper that I added in the middle.

Designer Templates Used:

Sentiment (3A,3B) Adorn (3A) Tags (7) Tiny Notations (2T,5T) & Photos

Have you discovered a way to use your templates in a new and exciting way?

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