Trimming the Tree

winter tree

This layout was so much fun to create! Not only was the paper cute, and the design work really satisfying, but reliving this memory again as I scrapped it was really heartwarming! In these pictures we were creating ornaments during Christmas 2015, using the same paper that I used to create this layout, and so many memories came flooding back — things that you don’t see, but that the pictures bring back in a wonderful rush! I could taste the hot cocoa we were drinking, and even hear the music that was playing in the background!

Trimming the Tree Christmas Layout
Designer Templates Used: Aspen Court (1A,1B,3A,3B) Rings (1,2,3,4) Winter (1,2,3) Paper Used: Kiwi Lane Merry & Bright Layout Kit

I used the Rings and Winter Accessory Sets, as well as our Aspen Court Border Set to create this layout. They complemented each other so well!

In this post I wanted to share just a few, fun tips that I hope will inspire you while you are creating with these sets.

winter treeAs you can see, I used all of the individual templates in the Rings, and Winter sets. I love how you can use the Rings on a variety of differently-themed pages, and that they never seem to fail you.

Some have expressed to me in the past about the worry of cutting the Rings, but it really is simple! Promise! And like most things in scrapbooking, you’re not looking for perfection. It’s ok if your layout has a few flaws here and there…that’s what makes it feel handmade! Although by inking those edges, no one will ever be the wiser!

To help ease your mind, however, let me just share a few tips about cutting those rings.

Cutting the Rings:

Step 1: The Rings fit inside of each other allowing you to use your paper efficiently while also limiting how many cuts you need to make. Just trace the largest one, then lay the next one inside and trace it, and so on until you’ve traced them all out.

Step 2: You can use an exacto knife and cut out the rings, but what we recommend is just snipping right through the first ring (the outer one), and cutting around the inside. Then you can do the same thing for the next ring.  Here is a video to show you what we mean.

Step 3: As you can see on this layout, wherever I made that cut through the rings, I just covered it up with the embellishments and other layers that I added to the page. As a result, the seams never show up on my finished layout.

I love the snowflakes in the Winter Accessory set (and have actually used them on many projects other than “holiday layouts”). It was fun to use them a little differently this time. I used Winter #2 to create little florets on my page. It was a great way to use of some of my paper scraps, and it added a nice layer.


I simply traced out the tips of the snowflake, and then tucked them in behind some of the other layers. I had the thought as I did so that these would also be really cute tucked behind the entire edge of a border or even surrounding a whole circle — but that is a layout for another day!


Always look for ways that the paper can provide you the embellishments that you need. In this case, I cut out the circles from the patterned sheet of paper, and used them as centerpieces for certain elements on my layout (as you can see above)

using elements on your paper