Three Easy Steps to An Easter One Page Layout

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Get To Playing!

We hope that you were able to get a lot of fun Easter Photos this past weekend! With all those photos, it’s time to sit down and scrapbook those memories before they get lost in the sea of ‘to-do’. Lisa recently shared how she quickly scrapbooks a one page Easter Layout in three easy steps using the Play-To-Create system. Let’s have a look!

Step One: Design The Border

Instead of playing to create your whole layout at once, consider doing it piece by piece like Lisa did! Some of our brains work in different ways and require practices unique to us. A lot of people actually put together their border pieces first and pull them out for later uses (They call it a ‘quick border’)! For this Border, Lisa used the Tiny Egg Hunt Accessory Set as well as the Aspen Court Border Set (2A/2B). If you want to watch how Lisa put together this quick border, check out the video!

Step Two: Pick The Paper

Once you have your Designer Templates picked out and the design put together, it’s time to choose paper and put it together! When you have your quick border finished, either put it away for later use or set to work putting together the rest of your layout! For the border, Lisa used Easter Blessings by PhotoPlay as well as Bloom by PhotoPlay.

Step Three: Add Photos