Thanksgiving Memories

thanksgiving layout close up

I realize that Thanksgiving was a couple months back but if you’re like me, you probably haven’t had a chance to scrapbook your photos yet. Well today, Shiloh shares with us a layout she just put together with photos from her sons 1st Thanksgiving which was 16 years ago.  Just goes to show it’s never too late to scrapbook your photos! 

Giving Thanks…

Shiloh here, Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. These pictures are from my oldest son Jason’s first Thanksgiving. Crazy how the years have flown by! He is now almost 16! (We were having a family dinner at my Mom’s home.) I am so grateful to have these pictures to remember the special moments that I have shared with my loved ones. I am also so grateful for scrapbooking! It is a wonderful way to preserve these memories.

thanksgiving layout

Designer Templates Used:

Paisley Place 1A/1B (doubled to create shadow look)

Autumn (1, 3, 4, 6)

Strips ( 1/2″)


Mini Photos

thanksgiving layout close up

So Thankful…

Thanksgiving is one of the Holidays I don’t normally have my camera on hand to take photos. But I sure am glad that I have these photos which are great Thanksgiving Memories from 16 years ago.  Now every Thanksgiving I try to take at least a few photos from the day.

Shiloh Jorgensen







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