Finding Inspiration From Sketches

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Sketch Challenge

Susan and Mindy had a blast creating their own version of the following sketch. Noticing the differences and similarities in each other’s creative processes as well as creative inclinations creates room for inspiration to thrive. Want to learn more about how you can stretch this inspiration when it comes? Check out this blog post. 

Susan's Version


Glitz Paper set from My Minds Eye

Susan loves using Captions to journal. It creates unique spaces where you can jot down thoughts,  feelings, dates, or places that are at the core of your layout. You don’t always have to use it for journaling though. Check out how Mindy used Captions to create baked gifts for all her friends here. (Includes Free Printable)

Designer templates don’t just have to be used to play-to-create with your scrapbooking ideas. You can also use them to play-to-create with your title ideas as well. Want to know more? Check out this video.

Using Scraps

Using Cheerful and Tiny Highlights, Susan was able to use her scraps to make a bright and fun card to send to a friend.

Mindy's' Version


Trail Blazer Paper Kit, August 2020 Kiwi Club Kit

Using cork paper and the Tree template from the October Kiwi club Kit, Mindy was able to simultaneously pull in some texture onto her page as well as a twig into her assortment of leaves from the Fall Design Kit.

Share With Us

Had a chance to use the sketch yet? Tell us all about it in the community or on our Play-To-Create Facebook page. What are some journaling or title tips and tricks you’ve learned over the years? Tell us all about it!

Check Out The Video

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