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Layered Sweetheart/Tiny Accents Flower

Kiwi Crew

So, this picture of the Kiwi Crew, which I took back in April, has been burning a hole in my digital Photo Library, so to speak! It just so happens that our Kiwi Crew is made up of good friends and family at this point, so I feel a double-dose of love whenever I see this picture. I usually tend to do 2 page layouts, but I do occasionally have random, single pictures like this one that I want to highlight on a page all by themselves. These one-page layouts come together pretty fast, especially with the Designer Templates.

Valentine Sweetheart Layout/Cards
Sweetheart Tiny Sweetheart


Here is a before shot, during the Play-to-Create portion of my process. I just love how the Sweetheart and Tiny Sweetheart flowers layer together!

You can see that they really make a statement. If you are unfamiliar with the Play-To-Create system, and Designer Templates, then the thought of cutting out the elements you see here can seem a little intimidating, but the truth is that it just takes basic tools and basic skills to create something like this! It took me about 2 minutes from start to finish, including inking. I was able to pre-visualize (so I was confident in my design choices), there was no guess work on sizing, and I just used my paper scraps.

Sweetheart Cutting Tip

Here is a sped up video of how I cut this flower.

  1. Trace.
  2. Quick cut around the shape to separate it from your paper. This will make it easier to do the more detailed cutting.
  3. Detailed Cut- Stay on the back end of your scissors, and do quick, short cuts. And remember to turn the paper, not the scissors.
  4. Ink – going in one direction, ink one side of each petal, then switch directions and do the opposite sides as well.

You will notice there were moments where my cutting wandered off of the pencil line. No worries! I am not a perfectionist about this. I just add a little ink, and all is well – the pencil marks vanish!

Using a Paper Poker

Another fun tool to have handy is a poker (or piercer – whatever you happen to call it). Makes it easier to attach those stubborn brads.


Don’t forget to make Cards with your Scraps

Since i was only doing a one page layout, I had enough leftover scraps of paper to make two cards. Most of the Designer Templates that you use on your 12×12 layouts have a Tiny Template version that is perfectly sized for cards. This makes it really easy to borrow from a design concept that you used on a scrapbooking layout to create a gorgeous, layered card! As you can see in the pictures below, that is exactly what I did! This made it super fast to create these cards.

I love the way that scrapbooking and card-making can influence each other! It is just another example of how freely Inspiration flows from one aspect of our lives into another when we let it.

I love how this layout and these cards turned out. The Sweetheart and Tiny Sweetheart sets were perfect! I hope you were Inspired to get out your own Designer Templates. And as always, remember to have fun and Play Your Way to Creativity!

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