Selfies With My Bestie

Selfies With My Bestie

For this layout I didn’t have to go far to find inspiration! I just pulled out the my Kiwi Lane Idea Book #2 and found a design that I wanted to use as my springboard which literally put inspiration at my fingertips… I just started to Play.

Idea Book Page 129

Now, if you’re not sure about the Strips set… let me just say! There is very rarely a layout on which I don’t use these guys! I know! They are just strips, anyone can cut a strip, right? The real power of these simple templates comes when you use them while designing. Adding the Strips templates during your designing phase dramatically increases the potential for new designs to spring to your mind. It’s like magic!

In this layout, I layered a 2” strip with Sunnybrook 1B and a ½” strip. I changed it up a little from the sketch in the Idea Book, but I thought it was fun and unique to have the strip go from one of the rings on the right side of the page, to the ring on the left side, crossing over the two pages in a way that I’ve never tried before.

To cut out my strips, I usually just measure the size of the strip I need (2” or ½” for example), and then use the ruler on my paper trimmer to cut it from my paper.

Because my design went across both pages, I simply marked where to cut it in order to disconnect my two pages.

Next I needed to create the border at the bottom of my layout. I designed it quickly, but was unsure about which patterns to pull from my paper for each element. Whenever I am trying to make this choice, I simply lay the full sheets on top of each other in the way I would layer them, and set them on my background paper, just to make sure I like it before I cut them. In this case, I wanted to make sure I liked the black and white strip next to the pink stripes, and the polka dots at the bottom.

Now onto my Rings.

I cut and traced all three of the rings out at the same time. First trace the biggest one (on the outside and the inside) then place the next ring inside and trace that one, etc. Once you have them all traced, just snip right through the outside of your ring, turn and cut. I am going to hide the perpendicular cut anyhow, so it works for this layout and simplifies the cutting.

cutting rings

For the third and smallest ring, I actually want this one to be a full circle, since it will lay on top, with nothing to hide the cut like I did with the other rings. So, I simply poked a hole in the center and then cut around the inside of my circle.


Lastly, I printed my journaling onto some white cardstock, and then used the small circle again to trace and cut out the wording to make sure it all fit inside of the ring.


For an extra touch, I used the tip of Celebrate 6 to make some small banners out of my scraps of paper and hung the banner across one of my rings.

I love how this layout turned out. It ended up having a happy, youthful feel, which is perfect for pictures of me and my bestie from High School days! Have you used a sketch from our Idea Book as inspiration for a layout? If so, please share with us below!