Shiloh’s Thoughts on Pocket Scrapbooking

Shiloh’s Thoughts on Pocket Scrapbooking:

Honestly, the first time I made a Pocket Scrapbook page it took me a little time to wrap my head around it. It is a slightly different thought process from regular scrapbooking. I found that I had to make sure to start with organizing what pictures I wanted to use on each pocket page and in what order leaving a few spaces open to decorate.

The last time I made a pocket scrapbook album, I paper clipped my photos to the pocket page as I was organizing and included any quote cards that I was definitely planning to add to the page. That way, if I needed to look back through the pages to adjust things it was stuck to the page protector and easy to see what was planned for each page. This also allowed me to get an idea of where things were going to go before I started cutting anything.

Once the basic pictures and title cards were organized I then went through and cropped all of my photos down and added them to the pockets along with the selected cards. Then I went back through and decorated the empty pockets with my remaining paper and quote cards by Playing To Create, just like I normally do for 12” pages and cards. I did find as I was scrapbooking them that it is really fun to add little paper strips, arrows, flowers, etc directly onto the pictures themselves using the smallest accessories and pocket borders. I love the way it gives my pocket pages that ‘scrapbooked’ look while still being very quick to accomplish.

I tend to add a lot of pictures to my pocket pages and I like to stretch my Pocket Page Paper kit out, so one thing I tried to pay attention to, was trying to make sure that I could use both sides of my cards and paper strips. It takes a little more planning this way but you can get quite a bit done if you take the time.

As a side-note, I discovered that one of my favorite Page protectors to use is the one with the 5×7 space. It is super cute when scrapbooked!

NOTE: We currently have two different types of Pocket Page Protectors in the Kiwi Shop. However, our Manufacturer is currently out of stock on one of them. We are waiting for an ETA on the next shipment of this product from them, so that we can put it back in stock in our shop. For the time being, if you prefer not to wait, we would like to encourage you to check other online shopping websites for Pocket Page Protectors. In the future we do plan on releasing our own Kiwi Lane brand of page protectors.Overall, if you are a looking for a quick way to get a lot of photos into an album but still retain the beautiful look that scrapbooking brings, then I know you will love Pocket Scrapbooking–Kiwi style!

Here are some of my recent Pocket Scrapbooking Pages:

Have you dabbled in Pocket Scrapbooking?

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Shiloh Jorgensen

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