How to Turn a Kwik Card Kit into a Pocket Paper Kit

Awesome Little Boy - Thinking of you Kwik Card Kit Pocket Page Layout

How to Turn a Kwik Card Kit into a Pocket Paper Kit

I’m not a card maker, but I LOVE the Thinking of you Kwik Card Kit. The colors are amazing! I played with this Card Kit and turned it into Pocket Pages for my album, which is essentially taking a page from a scrapbook and breaking it down into bite-sized pieces.

Here are a few techniques I picked up along the way as I created these pages. Enjoy!

Awesome Little Boy

Create lines only to expand beyond them! The sheet protector I used for this project had many tiny pockets, but I used them to create a cohesive whole. Just because a sheet protector has set lines from their pockets doesn’t mean that each one needs to be all by itself.

I wanted to use Journey 6 car because it was similar to my son’s plate. I considered only using half the car, but I loved how the whole car created movement throughout the multiple pockets.

I also felt that I couldn’t tell the whole story when I cut my pictures to fit the tiny pockets, so I kept my full-sized pictures, and I simply cut them in half and put them in two pockets.


Have you used fringe scissors yet? If not, run to Hobby Lobby and pick up a pair. I’m using EK Success, but I know Martha Stewart and a few other companies have them. I LOVE them! I am Amazed at the depth and interest created by simply using the fringe scissors on strips of paper then stacking those strips together.

Though the sentiment was designed for the Kwik Card Kit, it still fit perfectly in a scrapbook page.

I use the rule of three’s all the time: 3 butterflies, 3 layers of strips in 3 different places.

Love is a Four-Legged Word

I created this layout before the Pets Accessory was released, so I improvised a doghouse with Cherish 7. Connect the bottom roof lines using a ruler. I added an accent aqua roof by tracing the edges of the roof and used a ruler to extend the lines and create the aqua roof.


Here are four sentiments to use with the Thinking of You Kwik Card Kit. Amy used two of them on her pocket pages. Download it here.

I hope that these 3 Pocket Pages inspire you to look at your own Kiwi Lane Paper Kits and think outside the box and use them in different ways. 

Amy Jussel

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