Finding Your Creating System

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The Play-To-Create System

How many times have you felt stuck staring at a blank page or like your creativity was on a break? Us too, but we’ve come to discover that the staring and the plugged creativity doesn’t come from your inability to have ideas, but from the systems, limitations, inadequate tools, and even mindsets that have been adopted over the years.

Kiwi Lane Designs doesn’t just sell templates, we share a system; the play-to-create system. This system is one of the best creative tools you will ever come across because it is centered around the idea of playing with your ideas, instead of plotting them out beforehand. Of creating on the spot instead of waiting for inspiration to hit. It is founded on the idea of exploring your own creativity and trusting in it. This system involves moving your pieces around until you’re satisfied and eliminating the fear of finality. The play-to-create system helps you play with the visuals of your layout before you’ve even seen the final draft, therefore boosting your confidence to create and craft as well as bolstering the love and joy found in the creative process and not just the creative result. Check out the video below to see this creative system in action!

The Play-To-Create System In Action

The Designer Templates

As mentioned before, a plus to the Play-To-Create system is that you can see it transform before your eyes and by your own hands. This creative system gives power to your own creativity and allows for more playing instead of waiting. The designer templates are tools meant to inspire you to see and create patterns, use your other scrapbooking tools, and most importantly, inspire you to get creating confidently and with a smile on your face as the ideas begin to flow. These templates are tools for you to begin unlocking the natural creative process inside of you. We put together two possibilities of what your layout could look like using the same template sets; Mckay Blvd, Paradise Accessory Set, and Photos, as well as Chevrons and Tiny Seaside.

We Challenge You!

Know someone who needs a boost in creative confidence? Share this system with them or post it on Facebook! Want a new challenge? Pick three of your favorite designer template sets (Borders, Accessories, etc), and see how many different layouts you can create! We want to see, so share with us on our play-to-create Facebook page.

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