Photo Set Recommendations

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Photo Set Recommendations

Three Sets to Choose From

We have three Photo Sets in our shop, and we love them all! Each one was designed to help in specific ways and in this post we wanted to share the benefits of each set with you!

Photo Set

The Photo Set was designed to simplify the process of figuring out how many pictures you can fit on your layout as well as how you can arrange those pictures in unique, creative ways. They do this by allowing you to visualize both the potential sizes and placement of your photos before you ever cut into them! We have provided you with traditionally sized templates that you can just deal out like cards onto your layout, and then move around freely until you see a configuration that you like! Once you have made those decisions, the Photo set can then be used as a simple cropping tool. Because they are transparent, you can just lay them right over the top of your photos, line them up, make a mark with a pencil and trim the photo down with a paper trimmer. Cropping your photos has never been so easy!

The Photo Set includes 1:(5×7)  2:(4×6) 2:(4×5) 2:(4×4) 3:(3×4).

Mini Photo Set

All of the above points are also true with our Mini Photo Set, except that the sizes provided are smaller. This makes them great for use on Mini Albums, or for those 12” layouts where you would like to add a lot of photos to one page. The 2×2 squares are also great as journaling boxes, or for close-up accent shots of things like a baby’s foot, or a wedding ring!

The Mini Photo set includes 3:(3 ½ x 3 ½) 3:(3×3) 4:(2×2).

Photo Mats

Matting your photos with scrapbooking paper is a great way to add a sense of depth and simple complexity to your layouts. Our Photo Mats were designed to work hand-in-hand with our Photo Set, by adding a ½  inch to each template. This gives you a perfect ¼ inch border around your photograph every time. this is such a great visualization tool which will help you to spice up the design of your layouts by matting your photos in creative ways! You can play around with double-matting your photos, placing two pictures on one mat, or using an oversized mat in order to create a fun place to add an embellishment or some journaling.

The Photo Mats Set includes 1:(5 ½  x 7½)  2:(4 ½ x 6 ½) 2:(4 ½ x 5 ½) 2:(4 ½ x 4 ½) 3:(3 ½ x 4 ½)

Photos are the star of any layout, and all three of our photo sets will help you make your pictures shine!


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