How to Stretch Inspiration When It Comes

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Stretching Your inspiration To It’s Fullest Capacity

Some days are harder than others when it comes to finding inspiration. But on the magical occasion that you find a sketch or layout idea that you absolutely love, it can be even harder not to use it for every layout going forward. This is where your paper and photos come into the picture. When you find that idea that you absolutely adore and want to prod that creative brain of yours, try stretching the idea across different layouts by using different themes, paper, and pictures. Play with the idea by throwing it into different situations. Can you use it on a card? Pocket Scrapbooking? Two-page layout or just one? Keep playing until the idea runs its course.

That’s what Brandy and Susan did during their live crop. They were able to draw inspiration from the same layout and create two different yet similar designs drawing upon their existing- and different- paper and photo stash.

Susans Layout

Using the It’s a Girl paper collection from Echo Park, Susan was able to change the tone of her layout to that of a bright Halloween. She also used the Tree Templates from the October Kiwi Club Kit to pull in the autumn as well as the leaves from the Fall Design Kit. For her sunburst, Susan used some design scissors to add a textured edge to the rays.

Brandy's Layout

Drawing upon her inspiration, Brandy used Celebrate 6 and Tiny Celebrate to make the sunburst from her pumpkins as well as the Tree Templates from the October Kiwi Club Kit. She was also able to pull the fun fall banner sticker from her Echo Park A Perfect Autumn Paper Kit. 


Looking For Inspiration?

For more inspiration, check out the October Idea Book PDF, or any of our previous Idea Books! Want to give this idea a go? Share your version with us on our Play-to-Create Facebook page!

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