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“As you all know, when we scrapbook we are capturing — in an artistic way — memories of moments that happen in our lives. But at the heart of all of those moments are the people that made them, or that we made them with. Fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, friends, acquaintances, beloved pets…they are the beating heart of any one of our fondest memories.

My Grandson, Ian

When I first saw these pictures of my grandson, Ian, they completely captured my heart because, although they were part of a fun-filled, camping memory that his family made together, they also captured several sides of this little person that I love so much.

Ian is Shiloh’s middle child. All of his siblings have the distinction of being the oldest, or the youngest, or the only girl in the family. Ian is free to just be…Ian. He can be quiet and escape notice if you aren’t looking, or he can be loud and playful when he’s with his favorite people. I discovered a couple of years ago that Ian loved to draw, which he does everywhere, even when camping, as you can see in these pictures. He also loves biking and camping and football! But two of the things I love best about him are his kindness to others and that touch of shyness that makes me want to give him a GREAT BIG HUG!

These pictures seemed to really capture Ian, and I was inspired to create a layout that celebrated the person more than the moment that he was a part of.

I am so grateful for this little guy in my life, and am glad that he is at the heart of so many of my own fondest memories.

Paper Used:

Paper Loft’s IN THE ZONE paper line

Templates Used:

Paisley Place 1a,1b
Rings 3,4
Elements 2,7
Tiny Explore 6T

Have you scrapbooked layouts that highlight a character in your life? We would love to see them! Please share them with us below!”


  1. You have a good eye to catch the essence of your grandson just being himself…. priceless! Great layout as ALWAYS!!!! 🙂