Mix And Match

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Mindy’s Paper Journey

When I started working for Kiwi Lane almost 2 years ago, I was not a scrapbooker….not even close actually.  But as I have been surrounded by cute layouts and cards and fun projects over the last little while, scrapbooking has started sinking into my creative bones. I really hesitate still to call myself a scrapbooker, since I am surrounded by experts, but it is very fun and rewarding to see a layout come together with pictures of loved ones surrounded by fun, cute patterned paper.  

Paper though….that is the problem for me.  What paper?  Which patterns?  How to layer?  Ugh…the Stress!!  Susan always tells me that I overthink it, but that is easy to say coming from an expert, right?  

I was asked to do a layout using the Nature and Tiny Nature Accessory Sets. I had the perfect pictures in mind. I had done a photo shoot at a favorite park with my son and daughter years ago. Now I just needed to find paper to match. I headed off to the store to see what I could find and was pleasantly surprised to find some paper that I really loved.

When starting the design process though, I quickly came to the conclusion that Kiwi Lane layout kits are soooo much easier to use than any other paper, at least for an amateur like me. I loved the paper I was using but found myself so confused on what patterns to use and what to layer them with. I kept asking myself if it was too busy. Were there too many patterns? 

I cut out many design elements only to find that the paper didn’t work with that shape or “pop” off of the other designs. Although the paper I found was cute, it did have a lot of patterns and not enough of the subtle blender patterns that Kiwi Lane has in their Layout Kits. 

I finally came up with a layout that works…I think, but I did spend the next few days analyzing it over and over asking if it was too busy or if it looked good. There is a lot of cute paper out there to expand our scrapbook design options, but I did return to work on Monday ranting to Amy about how much easier it is to use Kiwi Lane paper. It takes the guesswork out of trying to decide what will layer well or match because it is created to do just that in a simple and fun process.