Make Two Layouts With Just Three Designer Template Sets

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Our Recommendation

If you’re a beginner when it comes to scrapbooking or helping someone get into scrapbooking, it can be helpful to limit the number of Designer Templates they use on their page! We recommend one Template set from each category to get started:

You’ll be surprised what you can create with just three Designer Template Sets and some photos!


The Gadgets Accessory Set is great for creating a fun statement piece on your layout, especially if your pictures take up more room and you don’t have much space for embellishments!

You can tuck them behind your border set, in this case, Spook Alley, or you can use the center of the Gadgets Designer Template to include a sentiment card or journaling spot. Once you’ve decided where you want the Gadgets Accessory set to be on your layout, you can draw attention to the center by filling it with a Tiny Accessory set like the Tiny Explore Accessory Set or use an arrow to point in its direction. This is helpful if you put a sentiment card or journaling spot in the center of the Designer Template like Susan did. This draws attention to the words.