Lucky #7

Lucky #7

It feels so crazy to me that Kiwi Lane is celebrating 7 years this month! It has been a wild journey being a part of creating such a wonderful company!

kiwi lane turns 7I have loved scrapbooking for years but it wasn’t until we came up with the “Play-To-Create” process that scrapbooking became a true passion for me!

I had spent so many years not getting much done whenever I sat down to create because of the time it took me to come up with a design. It led to some frustration on my part when I was scrapbooking and slowed me down considerably…but I still loved it enough to keep going even though I was slow!

In the early years after being married I tried my hand (along with my mother and Susan) at some other scrapbooking related business ventures like crops, page kits and a few others. None of them really took off but we kept feeling prompted to continue exploring different ideas. Ultimately, that journey taught us so much and led directly to the development of our Play-To-Create system, which solved so many of our own frustrations in a simple, low-tech way. Looking back at all of the failed attempts that we felt so excited about, I know that all of it was needed to bring us to where we are now.

I absolutely love how much fun I have with our Designer Templates! Using them has allowed me to shed all of the stress I used to have and to just have fun with the creative process! It has deepened my love for this precious hobby that brings together all of the things that I love: family, photos, and artistic expression.

One of the things I love to do is add some of the Card Borders to my layouts. It helps frame my pictures a little more and add a little color around the photos. So don’t just limit the card borders to making cards, use them on your scrapbooking layouts as well! You will love it!

We are so excited and feel so blessed to see where our company is now, and how much it has grown over the past 7 years. We have loved sharing the experience with all of the many wonderful people that we have met along the way!

I have personally found so much joy in this journey. I treasure the experiences that I have had and the personal growth that I have experienced along the way. It has changed my life forever in so many good ways and I am so lucky and grateful to have been able to experience it with two special women whom I love dearly.


Lucky #7


Paisley 1A/1B, 3A/3B

Sentiments 1A/1B, 2A/2B

Tiny Celebrate 2T, 3T 5T

Tiny Shapes 2T

12” Strips ½”


Mini Photos


Echo Park


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  1. Happy Birthday to Kiwi Lane Designs……!!!! I am so grateful for your invention of the Play to Create system. I have been a customer of your company for a little over 5 years. It has changed my way of scrap booking forever!!!! Keep coming up with new templates….. I have almost all of them and use them ALL The TIME!!! 🙂