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Live in the Sunshine Beach LayoutUsing Basic Shapes To Create

There is something special about leaving the gray skies of February in Idaho and running off to the sunny tropics of the Caribbean. Just thinking about the warm breezes while relaxing in a hammock brings a smile to my face.  Our amazing, getaway cruise with good friends was the inspiration for the Splash of Sunshine layout kit.  These bright, warm colors and patterns are the perfect touch to highlight your sunniest vacation memories or any fun moments spent splashing with the kids in the pool.

I knew I wanted to use the leafy, green texture on one of the sheets of paper shown below to help me create a palm tree, but I really needed to stretch my creative mind to come up with a plan of attack. We are all taught at a young age how useful basic shapes can be to create pictures with, so I pulled out our Tiny Shapes Accessory Set and unlocked my inner grade-schooler to see what I could come up with.

First, I traced both of the ovals – large and small.

Then, I cut a wavy line down the middle of each oval.
I ended up tracing and cutting out two large ovals and one small oval in this way.

Next up, creating that ‘palm leaf’ look.

Next I went to work with the tips of my scissors to snip out small slices from the edges of each of the leaves to add texture and create that ‘palm leaf’ look. It is really helpful to have a pair of small scissors with a sharp point for scissor-work like this.

Palm Branch

Creating my trunk.

For the tree trunk, I used the banner (#1) from the Springtime Accessory set. Because I would be tucking the bottom edge out of sight, I didn’t need to trace and cut out the entire piece…just what I knew I would use.

Time to layer.

I then layered the leaves on top of the tree trunk. I used the four larger leaves on the bottom and let the smaller leaves stick up out of the top.

Palm Tree

I was really happy with the way it turned out! And seeing that little palm tree took me right back to the tropics and put a smile on my face!

Hopefully our Splash of Sunshine paper kit will help chase away your winter blues as you pull out your pictures from past summer adventures and add a bit of sunshine to your family album!

Designer Templates Used:

Cedar Trails (1A,1B,2A,2B)

Tiny Shapes (2T,4T,8T)

Springtime (1,4,5)

Do you have a favorite vacation destination?
Share it with us below!

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  1. Love that!!! If we ever get to go on a family vacation, I will remember to do that! Thanks for sharing such a creative use for the templates.