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Soccer ball

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Hi Soccer Lovers!

I always knew that I wanted my kids to have the opportunity to try as many sports as they wanted while they were young. I grew up playing sports and loved it, and want my kids to have that same experience. But finding the sport that you are good at and enjoy the most usually means trying out several different things. Besides taking swim lessons, soccer was the first sport I tried as a little girl and my son has followed in my footsteps, recently joining his first soccer team as well!

My son, Noah, had never played soccer and didn’t know any of the rules or objectives of the game except for “get the ball in the goal”. He also just barely made it into the age cutoff to play with the big boys, even though he was in Kindergarten, which meant that he played with boys 1 and 2 years older than him.

He wasn’t intimidated at all and did his best all season long! As the season neared the end I was afraid maybe he wouldn’t get a chance to score a goal. But one day, out of the blue, my little soccer star scored his first goal! When I saw him score I jumped up, cheered and cried all at the same time (I was pregnant at the time, so I partially blame that!)! I felt a little over the top but that was seriously one the best Mom feelings ever. Being able to see him accomplish something he has been wanting to do for so long was just AWESOME!

Kiwi Soccer Layout

By the end of the season Noah’s team earned themselves a second place medal in the tournament. I’m so glad he had the coaches that he did. They taught all of the boys so many skills and more importantly taught them how to work as a team, supporting one another. His teammates became his friends, and a sports trial run turned into a sport he loved and looked forward to being a part of each week. We will definitely register for soccer in the Fall. I can’t wait to sit on the sidelines and cheer on my soccer star again!

soccer team

Wondering how I made my soccer ball?

I really wanted to incorporate a soccer ball into my layout. I thought of just using the circle from Tiny Shapes because I wasn’t sure what else to do, but when I pulled out my Tiny Shapes set and saw the hexagon (2T) I got the idea to use that along with my Rings set (3 & 4) to create the perfect soccer balls. I began by tracing and cutting out full circles from my Rings Accessory Set and then several hexagons from my Tiny Shapes Set. When I was done with that I inked each piece, set out the hexagons on top of my circles and arranged them until I was happy with what I saw. Then I adhered them all down and cut off the parts of the hexagons that hung over the edges of the circles. I LOVE HOW THEY TURNED OUT!Soccer Ball

Don’t Forget Your Card

I had some leftover scraps which I like to use right away to put together a card. Below is what I came up with.

I decided to whip up a “Thank You” card to give to my sons coach at the end of the Soccer Season.

thanks card

Designer Templates Used:

Layout Templates:

Abbie Road (1A,1B) Elements (1,2,5,7) Strips (3”) Rings (3,4) Tiny Shapes (2T)

Card Templates:

Delight (1) Tiny Strips (1″,2″) Tiny Brackets (1T) Tiny Shapes (4T) Tiny Explore (3T)

Paper Used:

Kiwi Lane’s “Live Life” Paper Kit

Jen Budge

Have a great day & enjoy your Summer

-Jen Budge

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