Ideas For Using Your February Kiwi Club Kit

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February Kiwi Club Kit

This last Kiwi Club Kit was full of love with its pastel pinks, blues, and cherry blossoms. If you haven’t used it yet, now is the time! This kit is full of fun layering ideas and spring designer templates ready to be used! If you don’t have photos, try going out and taking a spring photoshoot with your friends and family! That is sure to be fun! Without further ado, here are some layout ideas and tips for using your February Kiwi Club Kit. Don’t know what Kiwi Club is? Learn more about it!

Shiloh's Layouts
Template’s Used:
  • Clara Lane (1A/1B)
  • Tiny Nature (6T)
  • Tiny Charmed (3T, 4T)
  • Garden Frills (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
  • Tiny Bonny 1T, 5T (November 2019 Kiwi Club)
  • Trees 4 (October 2020 Kiwi Club)
  • Simple (1, 3)

The fun thing about the border templates in this kit is there are multiple ways you can layer (check out the PDF for more options)! With two border templates that line up perfectly with the Clara Lane Border Set and flowers to add the ‘frill’ to the garden frills, you can layer until it feels just right. Shiloh included all three layering options and incorporated a sentiment card into the border to shake it up a bit.