How To Pick Paper For Scrapbooking

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Kiwi Lane Tips on Picking the Perfect Paper

With 5-6 sheets of double-sided paper, you can create a beautiful 2-page layout and 1-2 cards using just your scraps.

Sometimes choosing what paper to pick is the hardest thing to decide when scrapbooking. We hope with the tips and video below you’ll have a better understanding of what we look for when picking out our paper and in return it helps you the next time you’re picking paper for yourself.

Here Susan shows you how easily it’s done:

Here’s what we look for when we buy paper:

  • Two sheets for your background.
    • Use simple and subtle patterns, something that allows your pictures to stand out and that makes it easy to build your layers on.
  • One double-sided sheet for you main border.
    • Look for the pattern you love the most and that preferably has all the colors included in the pattern.  This pattern will help set the mood for your layout.
  • One or two double-sided sheets for you layers and accessories.
    • If you’re using single-sided paper, you will need two to four different coordinating patterns to work with.
  • One sheet to mat your photos.
    • Feel free to pull in some coordinating cardstock where needed.

Need Something to Remind you of these Tips?

Hope you all enjoyed this post on how to pick paper for scrapbooking. If you would like to print out or save the tips we shared today you can do by downloading the image below. If you still feel like you could use some help, below you can find a few more videos to help you out.

The Art of Picking Paper:

Not sure what papers to buy while at the store? Here are some helpful tips.

Choosing Paper Class 101:

Tips on what paper to look for and how to choose which patterns to use for your layout.

Using Your Paper Stash:

How to use your paper stash you already have to make paper kits of your own.

Using Paper Designs In Your Layout :

How to use the big patterns that are already in your papers to your advantage.

Hope these videos help you with tips of picking out the perfect paper for your next scrapbooking layout.


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