How To Make Watermelon For Your Next Summer Layout

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Summer Treats

Summer is filled with hot days licking popsicles and eating watermelon, and to be able to capture that in your layouts can be a trick! But Amy was able to figure it while she was designing a 4th of July layout she created for this Fun In The Sun Sketch Challenge. Using some Designer Templates and a few tools you can come out the other side with a perfect treat to adhere to that summer layout or card just like Amy!

Templates Used:

Here's What You Do:

To make the strawberry you’re merely going to trim off each of the petals on the Springtime 5 Designer Template, ink (If you want), and then add the green stuff using the top of the Party Hat in the Party Accessory Set. Adhere it together and then you have yourself a summer strawberry!

To make this watermelon you’re going to need the Ring Accessory set, some red and green paper, and a brush pen (Amy used the Prismacolor brush pen). Using Rings 3 you’re going to trace the red paper using the inside rim of the template, stopping halfway up. Then using the outside rim of the Rings 3 Designer template you’re going to trace and cut out the green paper, stopping halfway like you did with the last one. Once you’re finished with that you’re going to add the seeds to your watermelon by using the brush pen! To do that you’re going to press the tip of the pen down at an angle as shown in this video. 

Do you prefer strawberries or watermelon? Let us know in the comments!

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