How To Add Videos To Your Layouts

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Adding Family Videos

Do you have Family Videos that you would like to add to your scrapbooking album? That’s no problem! From a video of your kids playing their favorite sport, a piano recital, or just a joke, in three simple steps, you can make your family videos accessible by simply adding them to your layouts! You can do this while you scrapbook or you can add the QR codes later down the road as Susan demonstrated in this video. Simply follow the steps below and then add it to the corner of the page or below a journaling spot! This will certainly increase the joy found in flipping through your albums!

Step One: Upload The Video

First, you want to add your video to a social media website that you think is going to be around for a long time, so that years from now, you can still access that video. Youtube is a great option, and there may be others. You will need to create an account if you don’t have one yet, and then upload your videos by clicking the camera icon on the upper right hand of the Youtube home page. You can certainly make your video “private” or “unlisted” as well, which means only those with links can access your videos, which works for what we are trying to accomplish.

Step Two: Generate The QR Code

Next, you are going to generate a QR code. Do a google search for “QR code generator” and you will find many options. Choose one that is free! I used After you find a site, you are going to copy the URL for your Youtube video, and paste it into the provided box to generate a QR code. The QR code that is created can be downloaded and saved somewhere on your computer.

Step Three: Print The QR Code

Now we are going to take that code–which will be saved as an image-  and add it into a word document. You can print it alone, and then add it to your layout, or you can add some journaling around the QR code, and print them together.

Step Four: Enjoy It For Years To Come!

You can download an app to your phone for reading QR codes or use your camera. Once again, a free one will work! To pull up your video, simply scan the code on your page with your phone, and voila!