Happy Halloween Everyone

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Happy Halloween Everyone!

Halloween is my favorite holiday filled with parties and fun. We had a rough Halloween last year with Strep throat fever coming to our house right as we were getting ready to go out trick or treating. We’ve already had strep this fall, so I am hoping for a fun candy-obsessed, giggling, running around, lovely Halloween this year!

Do you feel intimidated by the task of adding journaling to your layout?

I look back at some of my old layouts and there are post-it notes of certain details like dates and such, but I hadn’t put my archival pen to scrapbook paper. All this does is add stress to your future self by relieving a tiny bit now.

One of my goals with returning to scrapbooking was to complete a layout at a time. I didn’t want a pile of layouts that weren’t complete, I just wanted beautiful layouts filling my album.

That means tackling the journaling!

Kiwi Lane templates mean that you can add journaling to the fun shapes that are in your sets. I always start by tracing a template on spare cardstock or usually scrap printer paper.

Then I write what I want in a separate space. Once I know the amount of text, I can fit it within the template, in this case, the spider web.

Lastly, I add the text into the shape with a pen.

Does this mean writing it 3 or 4 times? Yes, but it also takes out the guess work of where to place the text. Which leads to getting the text on the page faster!