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Framed Layout

SusanIt’s more than just a Winter Set

I love using my Winter Accessory Set. Don’t let the name of this set fool you! It is great for scrapping pictures taken in the snow, with frosted pine trees and snowmen in the background, but it can also be used to highlight some of our favorite summertime pictures. To showcase this, I used the Winter Accessory set #3 on a layout of a camping trip we took this past summer.

The first step, of course, was to Play with the Designer Templates until I created a frame that would work with my pictures. I don’t know about you, but I always take a lot of pictures when we are camping! Camping, for me, is a time to focus on the family. That, combined with the beauty of the great outdoors, seems to make every moment one that i want to remember. For this layout, I tried to fit as many pictures as I could, while still keeping the feel of my layout as simple as possible.

Adding Stickers to my Layout

You will notice that early on, as I Play with the Designer Templates, I am already thinking about what my title will be and where I will add it. I knew I wanted a title, and I did have this sheet of stickers that would make adding a title quick and easy.

With stickers, I want to have the ability to move them around as I play with my layout’s design, so I just add a little paper to the back of it, which will let me slide it around until I find a place that I like (Yes, I will have to add some adhesive to the “sticker” when it is time to place it, but I like being able to visualize it in relation to the rest of my design before I stick it down).


Next, I will trace and cut my borders. I go ahead and fan out the patterned paper that i am working with, and figure out which pattern should be my bottom layer and which one should be my top layer.


Because I was incorporating so many pictures on this layout, I made sure to use the Mini Photo set along with the standard Photo Set. I used them during the design process – to help visualize things – and then used them to crop down my photos, as always.

One thing that I find helpful when cropping down darker photos, is to mark the corners with a white pen or pencil, making it easier to see the marks when I am using my paper trimmer.


Next, I chose the patterns for my accessories, laying them on top of each other again, to make sure they would pop! Then, trace, cut, ink and replace! This layout did not have many accessories, because of my decision to add more photos and keep the design relatively simple. Oh, and remember, if you’re tucking your accessory behind another element then you only need to cut out the portion that will be showing.cutting out templates

It’s February right now, and in Idaho that means we still have gray skies and chilly days! I love that I get to re-live these vibrant, summer moments as I scrapbook them, and in some small way it warms me up on these cold days!Happy Campers Layout

A Day At The Lake

Here is another layout to help fight off those chilly/overcast blues! This summer layout uses Mini Aspen, as well as Winter #1. I love how the Mini Borders look on this layout, don’t you? So next time you’re created a layout consider incorporating in a few Mini Border Sets of your own.

at the lake

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  1. Love how you can either use stickers or not with the Kiwi Lane template system! Way to use your own paper and coordinating stickers with the templates!