How To Get Out of A Creative Slump: Halloween Edition

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Tip and Treat!

With Fall festivities slowly fading in the back of our minds and calendars, we are left with the promise of winter. And with winter on its way, some of us are going to be held up in our houses escaping the snow and some of us are going to be wearing shorts and flip flops (which one are you?). Wherever you fall on the line, winter is long and slow, so taking out your fall photos – from Halloween to Thanksgiving – is the perfect way to pass that time. Kiwi Lane is here for it and we want to keep you feeling inspired so we’re providing you with some tips and treats! For your treat, you can find a free 2020 Halloween printable below as well as some of our favorite and basic tips when it comes to finding your way out of a creative slump.

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Pop it up!

When you feel stuck, it’s always safe to return back to the basic rules and elements of any sort of design. Layer and embellish! Or in this case, pop it up! Basic principles like color, dimension, texture, lines, shape, etc. are safety nets when it comes to a creative impasse.

Cut out a strip of paper between 1 inch to 1/2 inch.

Fold it back to back until it looks like a Concertina.

Make a ring out of it and glue it together. Then flatten it down and embellish however you like!

Layer Like Never Before

If you’ve been in the scrapbooking community long enough, you’ve heard the term ‘layer and embellish’ more than you can count. But who said layering and embellishing had to be confined in the realm of blocks of paper or/and adding another Border Template? Play with it! Add some ghosts, line it with ribbon, glue some beads or sequins along the edges. Get spooky!

Halloween Printable

2020 has been a unique year, and with it came a unique Halloween. With all these new changes, you should also commemorate the holiday in a unique way! You can print out our free Halloween printable and use it to scrapbook your 2020 spooky season memories in all its horror and fun!

Share With Us!

What do you do when you’re feeling uninspired? What does winter look like where you live? Tell us all about It in the comments below!

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