Fun in the Sun

May 2016 Featured Image

Rings & Tiny Celebrate

I love playing with these two sets! They can be used for so many different types of layouts. While i was scrapbooking these photos, I literally felt warm and happy the whole time! I love when a layout and your pictures just synchronize, and make you happy!

Framed Layout

How to create a Sunshine

For the Sun, I used Rings 2 and Tiny Celebrate 6T. You don’t need to cut out the whole template (just the top part) and make sure to trace and cut multiple ones for each ray of your sunshine.



If you’re not familiar with how we cut out the Rings, check out this video. Overall they are pretty simple, and like I said, can be incorporated into any of your scrapbooking layouts.


I did change up my layout a little from the initial design. Once I started to play with my pictures a little, I had one more picture I wanted to add to my layout, so I pulled in the Mini Photos, and changed up where to place my photos!


Overall I was able to add 8 Photos to my layout, and still able to have a cute design that complimented them well!

cropping photos

The Templates I used for this layout are:

McKay BLVD. (1A,1B) Rings (2,3,4) Mini Colter Trails (2A,2B) Tiny Celebrate (3T,4T,6T,7T) Photos, Mini Photos & Photo Mats.

Now that Summer is approaching we hope that this layout inspires you to have lots of “Fun In The Sun!” What are you most looking forward to doing this Summer? 

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