10 Fun Ways to Use Fancy Frills

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We love layering and adding simple details! It helps give your creations dimension, substance, and interest. We’re sharing several fun ideas from creators in the community that will inspire you to add layers and details to your scrapbooking creations. The Fancy Frills set is just the border to add those fun layers, and it’s here to make the next layout you create the fanciest of all your scrapbooking creations. 

This set pairs up with 3 of our already existing borders: Jason Lane, Sunnybrook Lane, and Madison Ave. This gives you endless layering possibilities. Depending on how you Play-to-Create with these frills, you can make your scrapbook layouts delicate, adventurous, or quirky, which you will see in the samples below.

Make Waves with Fancy Frills 1A and 1B

The Fancy Frills set has a pair of wave designs that can create the right tides for any of your layouts. They’re lovely on their own, like how Mindy created with them. In Mindy’s layout, instead of cutting out the blue patterned paper for a water effect, she used the blue patterned paper as a background and cut out the Fancy Frills in the adorable sprinkles paper to create the waves silhouette.

Of course, you can also layer them with the recommended borders, Jason Lane, Sunnybrook Lane, and Madison Ave. Simply changing the order they’re layered in makes a huge difference. Debbie and Mary both layered Fancy Frills (1A, 1B) with the recommended border for this pair, which is Jason Lane (1A, 1B), but the way they layered and the papers they used completely changed the feel of the layout.

In this layout creation, Debbie put Jason Lane on top of Fancy Frills, and put the Frills in a lighter white paper, making the waves look like sea foam crashing on the shoreline.

Mary’s layout creation, on the other hand, layered Jason Lane (1A, 1B) behind Fancy Frills (1A, 1B) and used similar colors to make the water along the bottom of her layout calmer and reminiscent of pools that are waiting for you to make a splash in.

Create Delicate Lace with Fancy Frills 2 and 3

The lacey pair of borders from the Fancy Frills (2, 3) set come with stenciling guidelines in the shape of teardrops that help you make your layering even fancier. We’re sharing just two ways that you can utilize these teardrop guidelines, but we know that your creativity will find new ways to Play-to-Create.

Doodle the Details

Susan loves doodling these teardrops along the edge of the border for an added detail. This pair of borders is cute on its own, but it doesn’t have the lacey feel when it’s only used as the edge without the teardrops. It lends itself well to ruffles or ridges or bushes or shrubbery. The teardrop detailing solidifies the look of lace edging for your borders. And that’s just the start. Use your fun colored fine point pens to make the teardrops pop off the page.

Get Fancy!

You can get really fancy with Fancy Frills! Creative Partners Kristen Lawson and Linda Hanson both show off how they created the lace feel with a teardrop shaped hole punch.

Linda’s layout layered Fancy Frills with itself, providing a shadow emphasis on the hole punch detailing.

Don't have Fancy Frills yet?

If you haven't had a chance to play with Fancy Frills, get your own set now. We're sure you've been inspired and are itching to create with Fancy Frills yourself. It's time to Play-to-Create!

Kristen used two approaches to hole punching. She tried both free handing the hole punches along the edge and tracing the stenciling elements so that she had a sketch of where she wanted the holes. She also shared that inking wasn’t always necessary, but if you wanted to take the time, you could ink the individual holes.

This Family layout was the creation Kristen free handed with the hole punch.

Kristen loves making her layouts cute, frilly, and feminine when she’s scrapbooking photos of herself. She inked the teardrop holes on this layout. 

Turn Those Gears with Fancy Frills 4 and 5

The fun thing about the Fancy Frills border set is how they work so well it works with any kind of layout. Fancy Frills has a pair that you can make to look like gears, tire treads, or even a dinosaur’s back, or use to add a fun dimensional element to your creations! We love it when we’re playing and building and getting dirty, and these borders are just what you need to accent those adventurous and quirky moments.

Both Mindy’s and Kristen’s layouts are created using the Fancy Frills, Madison Ave, Adventure, and Tiny Explore sets, but each layout is unique because they used different paper and different pictures.

Kristen’s bright primary color palette paired with the pictures of her husband and sons playing with a spirograph make the elements feel like playful gears and set the mood perfectly.

Mindy’s “I Love Mud” layout is just as playful, but the oranges and browns that complement the photos help bring back memories of getting dirty in the mud and feeling that dirt splatter all over the tire treads.

The Fancy Frills set is so incredibly versatile and can be used with any of your paper to create a layout that fits your memories’ moods so that they can be remembered and relived over and over again through your creation.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The Fancy Frills set is versatile for any of your scrapbooking creations. We hope you’ve been inspired and are ready to Play-to-Create with the Fancy Frills set yourself. Like always, we would love to celebrate and be inspired by your creations.

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