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Good Morning Everyone. One of the things that I love so much about photographs is the way that they can capture the beauty of the scenery at a particular place and time: the vivid colors, the light and shadows…all things that will fade from our memories eventually.   But in scrapbooking, the pictures that we snap and scrap most often are pictures of people…and the scenery is just the backdrop for a memory made by the many wonderful people in our lives. And what would a memory be without them?

I am constantly grateful for the way that scrapbooking goes beyond the background to highlight people…capturing the different stages of their development through life and the special relationships that they create and learn to cherish along the way. Oftentimes those relationships are not shaped by a few epic moments but are made up of the many times that we spend together doing simple things.

Capturing Memories with Pictures

That is what I loved about creating this layout. These pictures were taken at Duck Creek a few years ago, when my son, Aaron, helped his little boy, Noah, carve his name into a tree. It only took a moment or two, but it is a lasting memory that was carved just as surely on Noah’s heart, strengthening the bond between this father and his son forever, and through the power of pictures, and the art of scrapbooking, this memory can be re-experienced over and over again.  

As I flip through my scrapbooks, I find memory after memory just like this one – small and simple moments that have written a story of love, loss, light, and laughter on my own heart – which is full to bursting with deep affection for the people in my life.

Templates Used:

Aspen Court 1a/1b, 2a/2b, 3a/3b
Autumn 1, 3, 4, 5, 6
Lacey Trims 3
Nature 4
Tiny Nature 4T
1/2″ Strips
Photos, Mini Photos, Photo Mats

Paper Used: Paper Loft’s Gear Head paper pack

What has been one of your favorite ‘simple moments’ to scrapbook?
Please share with us in the comments below!
Debbie Budge

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