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So, sometimes your best-laid plans don’t end up working out, and just as often it ends up being a blessing in disguise! This week was a simple example of that for me. I had originally planned to make a layout for this post with a certain set of pictures, but as usual life got crazy and I forgot to get those printed!

When I realized I didn’t have time to print the others I decided to do a layout with some pictures from last year’s family camping trip that I had already printed. The blessing came in the form a flood of nostalgic memories, both of this particular camping trip, and the many similar trips that I took growing up.

Some of my earliest family memories are of camping. My family never had a lot of money when I was growing up so camping was the way we vacationed.


I always looked forward to camping each year with my family. When I was young we would meet up with my Grandma and Grandpa Budge plus my Aunts, Uncles and cousins. We would fish, play night games, explore and sing songs around the campfire.

When my husband and I started having kids of our own we continued the tradition of camping with our kids.


camping photos

This is a fun tradition that we continue to this day with not only our small family but also with our extended family. I love that my kids are building sweet memories just like the ones that I treasure so much.

This layout was from last year’s trip to Stanley Lake in Idaho. My husband was in charge of cooking the pancakes for breakfast and he got the brilliant idea to make them just like his momma used to make!

He took the time to create shapes in all of the pancakes. It was so fun to see all the happy smiles from all of the hungry campers. It will be a sweet memory for us all.

camping photos

So I am feeling extra grateful today for unplanned blessings – even the little ones. And I am grateful for those happy family traditions that continue bringing joy to the lives, and smiles to the faces of my family.

On a technical Note:

To make the sunbursts for the sun shape on the layout I used the tip of the Tiny Celebrate 6T Designer Template. Just cut a strip the depth that you want your tips to be and then trace the tip of the 6T shape multiple times and cut them out.

tiny triangle

tiny celebrate triangles


Perfect Simple Tree

The cone from the Tiny Celebrate Accessory set is not only perfect for creating a fun sunburst on your layout, but you can also be used as a simple tree. Layer #6 from the Celebrate or Tiny Celebrate set with Nature 3T as the stump of the tree, and you have a simple, yet cute tree to help set the mood.

Templates Used:

Abbie Road (2A, 2B) Mini Abbie (2A, 2B) Rings (2) Celebrate (5, 6) Tiny Celebrate (5T, 6T) Nature (3) Tiny Notations (2T) Strips & Photos


Happy Camper by Imaginisce


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