Embracing Your Story

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Embracing Your Story

Amy shared a fun little story during her live a few weeks ago about her son, Wyatt, and we thought we would share.

Football season ended and the boy was saying farewell to his teammates and his coach. They were just about to leave when Wyatt turned to his mom and said “Can I get a picture with my coach?” Amy was stunned, as she usually has to reign him in for any sort of photo. She said yes, of course, and watched as her little red-headed boy bravely ran up to his coach and asked for a picture, all on his own. He got his picture and they officially started heading back home when Wyatt perked up and said “I’m sad that football is ending but I have a picture now.”

Amy and Wyatt

You see, everything is part of our story. Everything. That horrible haircut you got last week? Yup, it’s in there. Someone caught you on camera while you were laughing a bit too hard so you look like a dementor? It’s officially in there too. Spent all of the week in your pajamas because it’s quarantine and you couldn’t go out. Is anyone really judging you? Maybe, maybe not, but does it really matter? Truly, detrimentally matter? No, at least we don’t think so.

Cause all of this life mess, and life victory, and life in general is your story. Yes. All of it. And it’s your story no matter what. We have to embrace it, give it a home, and we have to be apart of it. We have to make sure we’re in the photos and sometimes that means handing the camera to someone else, no matter how you look or feel.

As scrapbookers, we tell stories in unique and creative ways. Through paper, embellishments, sentiment cards, and photos we  share and we connect…it’s what we create that tells those stories. And when our albums are collecting dust or our children, great grandchildren, or even the neighbor across the street picks them up, what are they going to see? Are you going to be there? Bad haircut, laughing too hard, pajamas and all? Are you going to be in those layouts owning your story and the way you decided to tell it? Inserting yourself into your story- Like Wyatt did- and the creative way you tell it is a choice, and one that allows you to connect on a deeper level with both yourself, others, and life. You’ll find that you will be able to reap more joy out of your story and the way you tell it by actively inserting yourself into it, flaws and all.

So be brave, make memories, connect yourself to your story and share it with others. Be like Wyatt and ask for a photo, and make sure you’re in it.

The Final Layout

Amy chose to use a sketch from the Birthday Memory Lane Digital Idea Sketchbook as inspiration for her layout. You can see the before and after below by sliding the arrows.

The fun thing about using a sketch is finding ways to make the layout yours and to add your own quirks. Amy decided to use some different templates and photo sizes as well as opting out of the journaling option that the tags offered.

She used the Photo Play Paper, Like A Girl for her layout and photos from a Kiwi Lane conference in Charlotte, South Carolina to add a bit more of that personal touch.

Templates: Wildside (1A/1B, 2A/2B), Tags (7, 5), Rings (2, 4), Celebrate (1, 2), Tiny Charmed (2T, 7T).

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