Design A Layout Using The March Kiwi Club Kit

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It’s Not Too Late

Just because March is over, doesn’t mean you have to put your March Kiwi Club Kit away! There’s still some time to use up those fun templates and paper so they don’t go to waste! Susan loved being able to use her March Kiwi Club Kit to create 3 layouts and 4 cards! If you want to see the rest of the layouts she made with this kit, you can go download the free March 2021 Kiwi Club Idea Book by adding it to your cart. 

Paper Used:

March 2021 Kiwi Club Kit ‘Grow Where You Are Planted’

Growing More Fond Everyday

There’s something about scrapbooking that makes you grow fonder of the people in your life; at least that’s how Susan feels every time she scrapbooks pictures of her four girls.

She loved being able to design this layout using Designer Templates and then go through the process of tracing, cutting, inking, adhering, and embellishing! For a look at the layout design using just Designer Templates, check out this post.

The Blossom Accessory set was a perfect addition to this layout, giving the layout a wild but warm feel (Just like Susan’s daughters). The sentiment cards in this kit provided the perfect opportunity to add journaling and title cards. This kit also comes with round blue paper doilies that can create a fun base for pictures if you choose to use them that way!

When designing your layout using Border Templates (Susan used the Paisley Place Border Set), instead of setting them to the side or turning them inward, consider placing it across the two pages and cutting it down the middle. This connects the two pages in a fun way and allows for photos to take center stage!

Be Inspired!

We always love it when people share what they’ve created with us! Lisa took some time to be inspired and create her own layout using the March Kiwi Club Kit and so can you!

Don’t Have Kiwi Club?

If you aren’t subscribed to receiving Kiwi Club Kits full of Kiwi Lane goodies each month- including paper, templates, and other perks- no worries! You can consider signing up here- and customize what you would like to receive each month– and enjoy hours of satisfying creativity!

If you like the layout Susan designed but don’