December 2018 Kiwi Club Kit – Additional Ideas

December 2018 Kiwi Club Kit – Additional Ideas

December is really fun! Even though it is busy, I find myself in a reflective mood more in December than during any other time of the year. It makes sense; the holidays naturally inspire you to be more thoughtful of family and friends, and remember and recreate traditions from your childhood. Also, with New Years right around the corner, I find myself being more nostalgic… reminiscing quite a bit about the previous year as it comes to an end.

And add to that… it is cold outside, which makes me want to do nothing more than cuddle up with a warm blanket, and craft a little while some holiday movies play in the background! And it is almost impossible not to reflect on my life and those in it when I scrapbook.

This month in particular, my experience was made that much sweeter by December’s Kiwi Club Kit. I had a lot of fun creating with the colors, patterns and templates inside! Besides the samples that I helped to create for each of our Kiwi Club members to go along with the kit, I also created a few more samples that I thought I would share.

I personally find it fun to take the Designer Templates and figure out which shapes will work with each title/sentiment card that is included in the kits. The options are endless, and I go into it with a ‘playful’ attitude, allowing myself the freedom to just see what my options are and what inspires me before I start creating my samples.

I actually “happened” to have these family pictures that worked perfectly with this month’s kit! Ok maybe a little too perfect! Lol. These family pictures that we took a couple of years ago were actually my inspiration for creating this month’s Kiwi Club Kit! There are certainly some perks that go along with creating products!

Either way, the inspiration is only the springboard. It is in the process of making it a reality that it truly becomes your own, and this is true for creating a layout…taking an idea, and Making Time to document those memories in your own creative way.

In any case, between the hustle and the bustle of this month, I set aside some time to play a little, so that I could officially preserve these family pictures that I love so much!

Paper Crimper

It was also fun to pull out some tools that I have, that don’t get used very often, like this paper crimper, which was perfect for adding an extra touch to my pinecones.

I actually had a couple pictures leftover, and I already had all of my things out, so I went ahead and made a couple more simple, one page layouts to put the rest of the kit to use, and to also finish up the pictures that I had.

As you can see, my crimper got a bit more use on this layout as well!

Now, I don’t do this often, but for this project, I was inspired to pull out some twine and add a little extra dimension to my layout…to give it just a little more character. I’ve found that this liquid adhesive works great for touches like this. (3-in-1)

As a side-note…I lost the lid to my glue…pencil eraser to the rescue! I thought I would share this little hack, in case anyone else has a tendency to misplace things occasionally….Still don’t understand how it could get up and walk away!

Here is another one-page layout and a handmade card that I was able to Make with the remainder of the paper included in the December Kiwi Club kit.

And that pretty much finished up the kit for me. I must say…Creating these layouts and cards really helped put me into a festive mood. And it is also really gratifying to know that another one of my favorite holiday memories has been preserved and placed safely into our personal family memory books!

I hope that you’ve found some inspiration from these projects and that you Make Time to do some creating of your own! I love seeing what each of you create with your Kiwi Club kits each month. Thanks to everyone who shares with us in our Play to Create group on Facebook. We would also challenge you to connect with your Kiwi Lane instructor… use each other as encouragement each month to create with your Kiwi Cub Kit, and inspire one another with what you create!

If you would like to sign up for the Kiwi Club, make sure to talk to your Kiwi Lane Instructor for more details.

Happy Holidays, and a very Happy New Year!

Susan Budge

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