Creating a Palm Tree with Kiwi Lane

Luau Layout with Palm Trees


I pulled out some pictures that I had of a Luau-themed birthday party a couple of years ago, and after playing with my Designer Templates for a little while I came up with this fun idea for a palm tree!!

I used Nature (5) as well as Tiny Nature (5T) for an extra, layered effect to create the top of my palm tree. Then I drew on Scallops (1A,1B) to make the base of the tree.

Palm Tree

This design became my jumping-off point (and I loved it!), and from there I grabbed my other Designer Templates and began to design the rest of my layout. It came together so quickly. For this particular layout, I focused on designing only one side of my layout, and then I just mirrored the design for the other page. Easy peasy!

What Patterns Should I Use?

Then all I needed to do was decide what patterns to pull in from my paper. For a bit of both fun and Inspiration, I decided to ask for a little help from some of our Kiwi lane Creative Partners! They were a huge help as you can see in this video.

Then it was time to Trace, Cut and Replace!

To create the base of my tree, I simply traced one edge of the scallop onto my paper, as I would normally…

…then I flipped the template over and traced the other side as well. Voila! A tree trunk!

tree trunk

For the foliage of the tree, I traced my Nature and Tiny Nature pieces on the green patterned paper, and cut them out. To add some texture, I used my scissors to snip the edges of my paper palm leaves. It was easy and effective!

I was glad to get around to scrapbooking these memories, and to have a page that is a little piece of me creatively, and also brings a piece of my personal history to life!

Order any of the sets featured in this layout from your Kiwi Lane Instructor or online HERE.

Templates Used:

Abbie Road (3A,3B) Scallops (1A,1B) Strips (1″) Nature (5) Tiny Nature (5T)

Paper Used:

Kiwi Lane Splash Of Sunshine Layout Kit


What is your most recent memory that includes palms trees?

Have you scrapped it yet?

Share with us below!

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  1. I just watched this video with the Palm trees and I was picking the same paper you wound up using!!! Yay… great minds think alike! I even thought use the red for matting the pictures and you did that too!!! 🙂