Create A Baseball Layout Using Ballgame A la Carte

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Baseball Season

We are now well into the baseball season, so it’s time to pull out the gear, batter up, and have your Ballgame A la Carte on hand; ready to create a few two-page layouts to last you years to come. The Ballgame A la Carte is perfect for all the sports-filled memories you’ll be making this upcoming season! Need some inspiration? Debbie was able to create a two-page layout centered around her grandson Brigham, who’s been having a blast hitting balls out of the park these past years. Let’s step up to the plate and have a look!

Two Page Layout

A Closer Look:

Memories associated with playing sports often include the long drive it takes to get there (and a bag full of gear)! That’s why the retired Duffle A la Carte is perfect for this layout!  If you don’t have your hands on this A la Carte, you could use the Tiny Travel Accessory set to accomplish the same meaning in your layout.

If you want to create that more distinct look to your cleat, simply trace the top rim and bottom rim of the Designer Template on a different piece of paper, cut it out, and adhere it behind the body of the shoe. This will give it that layered, 3D look.

The Ballgame A la Carte also comes with a ballcap and baseball bat, which are perfect accents on a page! You can add some string to give that bat a grip, and layer the bottom rim of the hat to give it that 3D effect. For a Border, Debbie used the Cliffhanger A la Carte from the June 2020 Kiwi Club Kit. This border is simple, but adds depth and later to a page. For more layouts using the Cliffhanger A la Carte, check out this layout and this post by Susan, as well as this 4th of July Layout by Loretta Morgan. 

If you’re wondering what Accessory Set to use in combination with the Ballgame A la Carte, the Adventure Accessory set is perfect! This set is sure to reflect that All-Star attitude (Get it? Star)


A Closer Look:

If you want to add that personal touch to you card, try to find a printable to match the occasion! Kiwi Lane offers many free printables, and you can get this one here. To print it on cardstock, simply cut out the size you need and gently adhere it down to the paper, then run it through the printer. Then you should have a homemade title card to work with!

Once you have your homemade title card, gently remove it from the printable and pick a Designer Template! Debbie found that the Ballgame 3 A la carte is a perfect fit for this saying, so she went ahead and traced it out on paper, cut it out, inked it to give it that vintage look, added washi tape, and ta-da! You have a birthday card perfect for that baseball (or softball) boy/girl.

Get Ballgame Today!

One, two, three strikes, you’re out! Wait! This A la Carte set has three sporty templates that will hit a home run! The Ballgame A la Carte includes a baseball bat, a ball cap, and cleats. These designer templates are perfect for all your sports-filled memories.

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