Christmas Brings Joy


Susan BudgeI hope everyone had a lovely Christmas with family and friends. I’m sure you are now ready to scrapbook those pictures you took at Christmas, Right? Today, I used our Joy.full Layout Kit. Although instead of using our Christmas Accessory set which is perfect for those holiday memories, I was inspired by our Tiny Celebrate Accessory set.Christmas Ideas to Inspire

A Must Have

The Tiny Celebrate Accessory Set is so fun! If you don’t have it already as part of your collection, it is a must-have! With a little free play, I was able to be inspired by this simple set in the following ways:

I used the paisley shape (Tiny Celebrate 7T) as a birdie on my layout. Who said birdies are only for spring? Put a little Christmas hat on and it’s perfect for your holiday layouts.Christmas Bird

Here is how i put together my bird using the Designer Templates.

Cut Tiny Celebrate 7T out of your paper.Bird

Now we need to add the belly, and beak. I did this using Tiny Celebrate 5T and 7TBird

First just trace out the bottom curve of Celebrate 7TBird

Then Take 5T – looking through the template line it up, and trace out the top part of Tiny Celebrate 5T to meet the line you created using 7T.img_0234

For the beak, I used the tip of Tiny Celebrate 4T.fullsizerender-28

Now that adorable Santa Hat! I used Tiny Celebrate 4T, which is technically a pinwheel, which I used it that way on my layout that way as well, but I also used part of it for the hat. Just line it up on the edge of your paper, trace, and cut it out. Perfect size for your little birdie.

For the bottom of the hat, I used the pattern that is included in our Joy.full layout Kit. Just cut that out, and adhere the two together! DONE!fullsizerender-27

Christmas Bird

For my trees I used Tiny Celebrate 6T – the cone shape! I cut one out of the titles provided from the title sheet, and then I wanted a touch of green, so I just pulled that from the title sheet as well. (as you can see below)

Now the cone was not as wide as I needed it to be, but I did not let that stop me. I still used the Tiny Celebrate 6T. First I traced one side of my tree around the words. Then moved it over, Traced the other side, and then lined it up at the top! Done!tree

I hope this has inspired you! As you can see the options are endless.

Our Designer Templates were created as a tool to help Inspire your Creativity. So we invite you to step outside the boundaries of the “Sets” that we’ve created. Color outside of the lines, so to speak! Mix and match templates from different sets together to create brand new designs on your layouts and cards. We do this all the time…we call it Free Play!joy.full layout

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